FANS of one of Britain’s most beloved soaps can now set foot onto the famous cobbles, after the launch of the Coronation Street tours.

This is the first time the Quay Street set in Manchester has been opened to the public, since the old Granada Studio tours 15 years ago.

The soap’s most notorious serial killer Richard Hillman, played by Brian Capron, returned to the street to help launch the opening of the set.

The soap star said that Coronation Street and the Manchester football stadiums are the ‘most famous’ icons in Manchester.

“What’s more interesting than seeing over 50 years of Coronation Street. To come inside to see where all the interiors were shot, and to go and sit in The Rovers and see what The Rovers is like,” he added.

The public have the opportunity to have a sneak peak at selected interior sets and artefacts that have never been seen before by the public, inside Sound Stage One.

They can hear snippets from the tour script by Coronation Street script writer Tim Randall and inside secrets about the soap from knowledgeable tour guides.

The Tours are open for a limited time only, but for fans this is in an opportunity of a lifetime.

Here’s the full report of what the tour is like:

By Carlie Foster

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