DAIRY Milk Caramel is the most popular chocolate bar in the Cadbury range in the North West, recent research suggests.

It was voted for by 38% of respondents to a survey carried out in January by One Poll among 2,000 adults who eat selected varieties of Cadbury Dairy Milk confectionary including Caramel, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Turkish Delight, Oreo and Daim.

When it comes to favourite flavours, the statistics show Mancunians opt for chocolate that is sweet and creamy while 20% of them would like to see a pineapple flavoured bar.

61% of the North West inhabitants researched stick to chocolate preferences they know rather than give their tastebuds a new experience.

Favourite Cadbury bars infogram

Meanwhile, Saturday afternoon at 4:53pm has been identified as the exact time that Mancunians are most likely to pull out a chocolate bar, with the end of the working week and the start of a care-free evening being the main reasons.

Being in a relationship also makes those residing in Manchester more adventurous with their chocolate choices, with 44% persuaded by their other half to try something new.

The statistics were collated on behalf of Cadbury by taste and flavour psychologist Greg Tucker.

“Trying new flavours is a way to give ourselves a heightened understanding of what we like and why we like it – so we can find products that suit our mood better,” he said.

“Confectionery is a safe environment to try new flavour, and with CDM being the nation’s favourite chocolate it is a great way to start experimenting.”

Mondelez International – a global snacking powerhouse who own several billion-dollar brands such as Cadburys – were also part of the research.

Matthew Williams, the corporation’s Marketing Activation Director, said: “We wanted to explore why people favour certain flavours and how consumers can confidently experiment with new tastes.

“By understanding the key drivers behind their chocolate bar choices, we’re able to advise how our customers can best add more flavour variety into their menu and take the time to try something new.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, which was established in Birmingham in 1824, still remains one of the most popular brands with over 200,000 sales per year in the North West alone.

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