THE FOOTBALL Conference will be renamed The Vanarama National League from the start of next season, it has been announced.

It will have a brand new logo and TV channel, NLTV, as well as an additional three-year deal with broadcasters BT Sport to televise live games and screen a weekly highlights programme on Sunday evenings.

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The high-profile changes for the 2015/16 campaign, designed to strengthen the competition’s identity, will officially come into effect on June 6.

It will see the Conference Premier called the Vanarama National League and the two divisions of the sixth tier known as the Vanarama National League North and Vanarama National League South.

Another new endorsement as part of the NLTV channel – which will focus exclusively on the competition’s 63 member clubs – is the NLTV Broadcasting Academy.

This will involve 48 media students from around the country being given the opportunity to be trained in filming techniques and then embedded with clubs, provided with professional broadcasting equipment and taught by BT Sport technical staff how to film, edit and stream media to a new production hub.

Outgoing Conference chairman Brian Lee said: “Our announcement around the name change and broadcasting channel excites me and I sincerely hope it excites the football world.”

Brian Barwick, the incoming chairman of the new Vanarama National League, said: “I am delighted to be joining at this vibrant time with this exciting new branding. It offers so much to our existing partners whilst at the same time opening up potential new opportunities.

“I look forward to steering this great competition to new levels of awareness and visibility.”

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