WITH four days to go until Parklife 2015, Nathan Smith catches up with one third of DJ collective, Dore Young, from Dance Lady Dance… A physiotherapist by profession, but also due to play on the ‘Big Top’ stage at Manchester’s biggest festival, Dore reveals anticipation and excitement, in the build up to Parklike 2015.

“We’re all best friends, we’ve got really similar tastes in music and we often kind of bounce of each other, literally!”

Speaking with Dore, you immediately get the feeling that you’re speaking with a down-to-earth, everyday type person, who is casually playing at a festival in her spare time. That’s pretty much how it is as Dance Lady Dance are a Manchester based three-piece DJ collective, who met in the one of the country’s most thriving music scenes. Despite entertaining crowds around the host city of Parklife, Dore reveals they do, in fact, all have jobs as well.

“Some of the jobs are based in music and events, writing, marketing, one of the girls has worked for the BBC, and I’m a physiotherapist, so it’s a complete change. We DJ a lot, and it takes up a lot of our spare time, but we absolutely love it. What’s not to love about playing your favourite music with your two best friends?”

With the trio habiting the Manchester music scene, they seem to be eager to approach the challenge that Parklife presents.  As they will be performing several sets throughout the day, Dore tells us how they tackle the issue.

“It’s really important to us to continue with our own style, so it’s nice that we can mix between the two. And the nice thing about the big top is we know it’s going to be absolutely packed, it’s a massive capacity so we can go big with our set list and really enjoy ourselves.

“It’s our own stomping ground. I think it does make it a lot more fun because we’re gonna know a lot of people playing there, there’s gonna be a lot of our friends there, so it’s more of a challenge but more fun as well.”

Dance lady dance image 2

According to the collective’s Facebook page, Dance Lady Dance were in fact almost named ‘Sparklemotion’. Chuckling away at the very thought of the name that never was, Dore reveals that during the decision making, a girls night in with a bottle of Prosecco was paramount, before finally deciding on Dance Lady Dance.

“I think its safe to say ‘Sparklemotion’ was a learning curve!”

When asked for any other names that never were, Dore exclaims: “Even if there were, there’s absolutely no chance we’d tell you after the sparklemotion saga!” when pressed for a hint, she simply replies: “The first rule of sparklemotion is you don’t talk about sparklemotion!”

As mentioned previously, Dance Lady Dance will be playing several sets throughout their time at Parklife. Speaking about how the sets will be performed, Dore explains a pressure of performing short sets in order to keep things going. However, playing to a large crowd bears no threat as everybody is in a “partying mood, so that’s easier”.

“Obviously we don’t want to spoil the surprise but with us it will certainly be quite a fun packed set. We tend to play a lot of new music, lots of interesting edits perhaps of old tunes, a few bizarre disco tracks thrown in as well and maybe even a shimmy or two across the stage!”

Being a collective may seem somewhat unusual to some, people could wonder just how three people can all DJ at once. Do two of them dance? Do they all play their own parts? Comparing Parklife to their usual gigs, Dore speaks of performing individually or pairing for some shows, but the ‘Big Top’ stage at Heaton Park will definitely require all three.

“Whilst we won’t be doing any dance routines just yet, we’ll be changing through the sets through the day, we’ve got several sets as well so it gives us all plenty of opportunity to play.”

Drawing our conversation to an end, I finally asked Dore for three words to describe Parklife. Continuing the light-hearted down-to-earth tone throughout the interview, she modestly laughs “Dance Lady Dance”. An obvious use of the three words.

By: Nathan Smith

Dance Lady Dance will be performing on The Big Top throughout the day on Saturday June 6. We will be at Parklife 2015 bringing you reviews across the weekend…

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