BECKY Hill performed at Parklife 2015 yesterday (June 6), our entertainment reporter Nathan Salt was there to watch her

Becky Hill has come a long way since she sang ‘Ordinary People’at her audition on The Voice back in 2012. Selected by judge, Hill has gone on to become a unique, explosive tenor of a female vocalist and has already achieved a number one chart hit in ‘Gecko – Overdrive’. A typical teenager who is firmly rooted to having fun first and foremost; the fame will come but for now it was time to “go mental Manchester!”

Becky Hill was based on the MK Area 10 stage – also known as Collonade – and was the first act I saw on the day with the festival far from in full flow as she took to the secluded stage at 1pm with people still flooding through the entrances dotted across the park.

A short 30 minute set was the biggest disappointment to those who had travelled early given she is such a phenomenal talent. With time for a five song set list she squeezed in hits including Wilkinson’s ‘Afterglow’, Rudimental’s ‘Powerless’ and Oliver Heldens’ ‘Gecko – Overdrive’- all of which she provided the vocals for on the original DJ record.

Festivals are renowned for the pushing and shoving to get to the front but given the early set time the crowd was manageable and made it enjoyable for everyone she whipped into a frenetic frenzy. One of the highlights was certainly her original track ‘Losing’, a song she co-wrote aged 18 with best friend and fellow music artist MNEK, as the crowd had arms aloft, clapping, cheering, bouncing, swaying their way to the feel good vibes.

Becky Hill second imageWhen an artist enters proceedings to announce that they are playing three more shows – she had shows in Leeds and Hull pre-booked – on the same day many, including the middle aged couple directly behind, thought she may hold back; far from hit. “Let’s go f*****g mental Parklife,” she proclaimed as her pure vocal power was breathtaking to watch, particularly on Overdrive where she stood tall on the front speaker like a dictator addressing comrades. This was Hill in her element as she personified excitement; shuffling and gliding across the Collonade arena.

Albeit short, Hill encountered a few hiccups during her time on stage with what she described as an “eyeliner disaster” ruining “all the effort I put in when I woke up!” which lightened the mood considerably. She had also misplaced her water which led her to stealing a bottle that had been left unattended on stage even if “something could be in this”.

Upon reflection that was a key difference with Becky Hill: she spoke, she interacted with the crowd (something which, alas, cannot be cited with many artists on the day). She spoke of her sheer jubilation that, having turned 21, she can now drink when she travels over to her studio in LA. Moreover, she used a recent anecdote of a performance at The University of Plymouth where the crowd “weren’t bothered I had finished which was nice.” Manchester were certainly bothered Becky there was no debate this time around!

Becky Hill will be a name that remains unfamiliar to the mass audience but she is rising…rapidly. She is surrounded by those that are in tune with what makes a successful record and with fellow female vocalists Ella Eyre and Jess Glynne dropping debut albums this summer it will be soon for Hill to follow suit – it has been mooted in the realms and corridors of social media. The talent is there; it’s now time to build the star status and she could become unstoppable…


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