AHEAD of Don Broco’s new album on August 7, Quays News entertainment reporter Amy Williams got her hands on an early copy- this is what she made of it…

Don Broco released ‘Priorities’ back in 2012 where their obvious talent of an alternative sound and lyrical uniqueness caused their large Pop Rock fan base to grow even more.

With their new album being released on the 7th of August this year, the band need to prepare for an even bigger fan base to emerge; Automatic has that Don Broco sound that everyone loves and that should never be changed. With none of the songs on the new album vacant to criticism, it’s impossible to say that the quartet could have done any better than they have done with this one.

The two singles that have been released are definitely there to tantalise fans for the future tracks to be heard. Both tracks ‘Automatic’ and ‘Superlove’ demonstrate the quirks of the new album; being able to lift the mood but still captivate the interest of rock fans with the edgy tune which is evident throughout.  With this in mind, these two tracks could be the new crowd favourites in Don Broco’s upcoming tour.

A slower song on the album is ‘Nerve’ which provokes certain emotion through the mystery within the lyrics, along with ‘Further’ which is also a tamer track from ‘Automatic’. It still gives the right amount of upbeat tempo in parts, but they are two songs that are more anecdotal on the album.

Other songs that stand out on the album with an addictive rhythm are ‘Fire’ and ‘Tough On You’ which you will find yourself singing along to no matter how little you have listened; the infectious tune of each track proves success for Don Broco.

‘I Got Sick’ has an excellent build up to the dominant tune of the guitar in the chorus, setting off the rock vibes along with the impeccable vocals of lead singer Rob Damiani. This song has more rock elements than pop, with the alternative track definitely being one of the heavier ones of the album.

The quirks of Don Broco are shown in ‘Keep On Pushing’ which brings out the Pop Rock elision that is typical of the four piece band; this is a particular song that will keep the crowd alive with the groovy guitar tune throughout.

Automatic is sure to be an album that people will come back to and remember due to the unique tunes that each track contains. It’s irrefutable that the album is in anyway less of a hit than ‘Priorities’, which itself was a massive success. Don Broco have that special, different sound which can be identified immediately and is in no way emulating other bands which makes them so memorable. No doubt, Automatic will be endorsed by their loyal fans and create even more through the talent of this new music.


By: Amy Williams

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