A HOMELESS support group in Manchester is promising to continue fighting for ‘the rights of homeless people’, following a court hearing this month which put an end to a camping protest in the city.

For the last three months protesters have been camping outside different spots in Manchester to protest they say, against lack of funding for homeless people. However today, (Friday August 14) they are going to be officially evicted from the city centre.

In a hearing at Manchester Civil Justice Centre two weeks ago, an injunction was granted, which ‘prohibits anybody from setting up any form of sheltered accommodation within a boundary described by the city’s inner ring road’.

If anyone breaks the conditions of this injunction they could face up to two years in prison.

Despite this, campaigners have not been deterred from improving the rights and opportunities available to homeless people.

Speaking to Quays News, Danny Jones from action group Homeless Rights of Justice said: “I can promise you that this is not the end of the campaign and we will continue to fight for the rights of a rapidly rising number of homeless people in our city.

“The Council have proven that they cannot tackle the issue.”

St Peter’s Square and St Anne’s Square are just two of the locations in the city that the group have camped in over the last three months, only to be served with an eviction notice and moved on by officials.

In a statement given to the Manchester Evening News on the day of the court case, Cllr Nigel Murphy said the council was pleased with the decision: “The court found in our favour after listening to the evidence we presented about the amount of disruption these camps have caused to residents and businesses, as well as anti-social behaviour including the burning of bonfires, vandalism, street drinking and the intimidation of members of the public”.

WATCH: Why were the protesters protesting?

Above you can watch some footage filmed earlier this year, at the camp at St Peter’s Square.  They moved there before Manchester City Council were due to evict them from their original location, outside the town hall.

By: Vicky Barker

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