BRING Me The Horizon released their new album ‘That’s The Spirit’ yesterday (Friday, September 11), Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Smith’s had a listen…

One of Britain’s biggest rock bands are back with their incredible new album ‘That’s The Spirit’. After a hugely impressive Leeds and Reading festival performance as well as worldwide anticipation from dominating the Radio 1 and iTunes charts, Bring Me the Horizon have broken through the stratosphere to cement themselves as rock icons that are here to stay.

The Sheffield rockers arguably first made their mark on the music industry back in 2011 as frontman Oli Sykes featured on You Me At Six hit track ‘Bite My Tongue’. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength and made a name for themselves with a strong ensemble of in your face screaming tracks of defiance, mixed with the elaborate use of emotional gutsy lyrics. The band shows a progression of maturity in their sound with each album, with the previous album ‘Sempiternal’ setting the bar way up high.

‘That’s The Spirit’ is no different, but yet totally new from anything that fans have heard so far. With tracks such as ‘Happy Song’ continuing the Bring Me The Horizon we know, which hard hitting lyrics like: “If I Sing a long, a little fucking louder, to a happy song, you’ll be just fine” in the trademark sound that front man Sykes has perfected over the years- truly emancipating themselves away from anything else that’s out there.

A common misconception of Bring Me The Horizon is they that are just ‘that screamo band’. Well, one quick listen of any track of this album and it can clearly be heard that this is no basic band. Instead, a masterful blend of gutsy guitar riffs with added emotional whirlwinds of devastation and pain comes through Sykes’ lyrics, which is met with high approval and marks a new direction far away from any labels the band had previously.

A major difference that this album holds is the inclusion of an electric dance music- esque sound most noticeably can be heard on ‘Oh No’. The drums are less rock-aggressive and more smooth dance, this mixed with keyboard synths and elongated orchestral vocals, a real sense of maturity and progression is evident, one in which long time fans may find a connection with as the band truly connect with their target demographic in order to elevate their sounds to new levels.

Overall ‘That’s The Spirit’ is a triumphant return for Britain’s biggest rock band. The sing-a-long chanty chorus of hit track ‘Drown’ plus the biggest shout-iest, I’m-mad-at-everything, ironically named ‘Happy Song’ provide guts and ambition, cementing the Sheffield band as worthy of the status they have achieved. Bring ME the Horizon have recently supported Metallica, and have revealed hopes of headlining 2016’s Leeds and Reading Fest, and with ‘That’s The Spirit’ locked and loaded, who could blame them?

By: Nathan Smith

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