UPON a triumphant return from Isle of White’s ‘Bestival’, South London born Kimberly Anne speaks to Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Smith on everything from Ikea furniture to exclusive info on her debut album…

Fresh from a new music video for track ‘Bury It There’ and a spiritually revitalising shower, Kimberly Anne reveals excitement over an upcoming debut tour of the UK plus details over the hush-hush debut album.

Working with producers such as Charlie Huggall (who has previously worked with Ed Sheeran and Florence and the Machine) and Julio Simmons (also worked with Ed Sheeran), Kimberly reveals strange new sounds that feature on the album, including Ikea furniture. “The first thing you hear is me banging on an Ikea table”. It should be noted that other furniture is available and Kimberly continues to say: “I’m waiting for Homebase to get back to me, they’re not picking up my calls for some reason, I could be a one-woman stomp”

As both producers have worked with Ed Sheeran, it can be questioned if a possible collaboration may be on the horizon?

“I think now is really important to establish what I’m about and then collaborate from there if the right opportunity comes up from there. Lot’s of dance people keep approaching me, but that doesn’t make sense, it’s not what I’m about”.

New track ‘Bury It There’, landed on September 5, and marks the beginning of Kimberly’s sound, which can be described as acoustic pop married to indie whilst having an obsessive love affair with African and Brazilian rhythms.

Speaking about the track Anne reveals the origin: “It represents wanting to be someone your not. I was trying really hard to be someone I wasn’t musically. As soon as I started being myself and stopped trying so hard, I started to get the right amount of people liking me, for me.”

“I don’t fit into a certain box, I don’t want people to freak out.”

From October, Kimberly will embark on a UK tour beginning in Glasgow. A ‘combination of nerves and excitement’ is how Anne describes the first ever gigs to feature a live band.

Kimberly describes the tour further as a new challenge as she is used to playing alone: “I’m coming up with these cool rhythms in my head and they’re coming alive, so the tour will be insane!”

Kimberly Anne bizarrely rose to fame after uploading a video to YouTube back in 2013. From a studio set up in her south London home, a cover of Robin S’ club classic ‘Show Me Love’ found the attention of Dutch DJ Sam Feldt and the rest, they say, is history.

“It was a happy accident. I recorded it at home in my dad’s spare room, uploaded it in one take and somehow Sam came across it, got in touch and it went from there. It’s pretty mad”

Speaking about the currently nameless upcoming debut album, Kimberly reveals exclusively that the colour of the album cover, is directly linked to the name. Persistently quiet regarding further details, she then continues to say “when you see it, you’ll get it!” It is still anyone’s guess as to what the title will be, although hazarding a guess, I can reveal it is not called ‘Seeing Red’.

“There’s something special about the stuff I’ve recorded at 3 or 6 in the morning in my pyjamas.

It’s special that the stuff I have produced will be on my debut record.

After a remark over an ‘anti-exclusive’, the naturally kind natured Kimberly Anne offers a pick-me-up gift in the form of a sneak peak demonstration of a track from the album. Singing down the phone, Anne sings “Will you remember me, hanging off the family tree?” Wrapping the new album in further mystery, Anne then humorously remarks: “That’s it, no more!”

Bringing the conversation to an end, I asked Kimberly for 3 words to describe the new album. Choosing to quote Nirvana, she chooses ‘Come as You Are’, and after realising that she had actually chosen four words, she then chooses ‘Colour Rhythm, Truth’, surrounding the album in even more mystery.

By: Nathan Smith

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