INDIE-rock band Peace are a four-piece band about to set off on their biggest headline tour yet. After releasing their second album earlier this year ‘Happy People’, they have had an incredible amount of success and their popularity has rocketed. Quays News entertainment reporter Isobel Hine spoke to lead singer Harrison Koisser all about it…

I began by asking how things have changed for the band since 2014, and after jokingly answering: “I’ve lost all of my nice clothes!” Harrison revealed: “This time last year, we were just finishing recording our second album, and now we’re about to start our third. We’re going to take it slow, but we’re going to work on it.”

The band are playing at the Manchester Academy on October 1, and Koisser explained what we can expect from the 13 date tour: “Just, everything we can do. We’re not going to have like flame throwers I don’t think. It’s going to be quite different, because usually when we do a big tour we get like a confetti cannon and all this stuff, but actually it’s going to be quite musical. It’s going to be celebratory.”

After asking what goes through his mind before he steps out on the stage, he replied: “I don’t know right before I go onstage. I think I just try and work out what I’m going to do. Do you wave, do you bow. Whatever it is I decide on I do the exact opposite.”

With a reputation for playing an incredible live show, I wanted to know which songs from the new album get the best crowd response: “‘Lost On Me’ gets a really good reaction. That really gets people, people are really into it. A lot of the stuff from the new album goes down as well as the first album. We’re going to play everything, we’re just going to try and like, do the lot.”

I asked him whether they would play the song ‘Fur’ from the deluxe version of the second album: “I’d love to. We’ve never played that live.”

The first album by the band ‘In Love’ went down extremely well, and with the second album being such a different sound, Koisser explained about the new direction: “I think ‘Happy People’ has… every song kind of has its own sound, it’s all very different, because we were just trying to work what it is that we want to do.

“I think until we try sort of, everything that we were interested in and gone down every avenue, it’s kind of hard to settle on one thing. That’s why it doesn’t really sound the same as ‘In Love’. Every song kind of experimented with what we can sound like, but then you know, when we did the third album which, looking back on that, we now know what it is we want to do, it’ll all make sense.”

The bands audience has strengthened and increased, and Harrison explained how he feels about meeting fans: “I know a lot of bands treat fans and stuff like, you know, a load of like cattle coming through, but you know I try and engage with everyone. Sometimes when there are a lot of people, if there’s, you know, a couple of hundred people outside the show waiting, it can get a bit hard to, to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.”

Overall, Harrison seemed excited about the tour, which is the group’s biggest headline tour yet: “I love doing the intimate shows, we did loads at the beginning of the year, but it’s good to be doing big ones again.”

By: Isobel Hine

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