A NORMAL service has resumed on the Eccles via MediaCityUK to Piccadilly line from 16:00 BST on Monday afternoon after experiencing delays for over an hour.

Passengers were asked to walk to nearby Harbour City and Broadway stops to catch trams towards Eccles and Piccadilly from 14:45 BST onwards as trams could not serve the MediaCityUK stop due to a points issue.

When contacted, Metrolink confirmed that they had encountered problems getting services into MediaCityUK due to a points failure and apologised for any inconvenience.

Some passengers had been stuck on board a tram between MediaCityUK and Harbour City for around 15 minutes shortly after 15:00 BST.

One passenger told Quays News that such problems ‘seem to happen on a regular basis’ while another on Twitter said she was ‘fed up’ of what she described as an “erratic service” after waiting 20 minutes for a tram ‘with no explanation’.

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