RELAXING in his hometown of Swindon in Dudley, Dan Bremner from British rock band EofE expresses excitement about the highly anticipated upcoming debut album to Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Smith

“We’re not a new version of a band, we’re just who we are and that’s what’s made us the band we are today”

EofE are hotly tipped as the next big upcoming rock band and are already being compared to the likes of ‘You Me At Six’ and ‘Mallory Knox’. Hitting the ground running, they have recently revealed a music video for hit track ‘Get Caught’. Speaking about the process for the production of the video, Dan reveals a sense of spontaneous decision-making saying: “We didn’t really have an idea of what we wanted from the video. We never really focus on what we want the music video to be when we write the song, it just happens”

In the video you can see members of the Black Country five piece all sporting their own individual style. This is something the band feels strongly about as Dan firmly states: “We’re trying to not be something we’re not, you don’t have to wear a specific item of clothing to be considered a rock band.” The clash of identities is something that has had a major impact of the band and makes them truly stand out from others as the personality traits of each member is portrayed in the musical style of the overall sound of EofE.

Speaking of the several personalities of the band, the official EofE Facebook page reveals bands in which they listen to including the lights of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, and Led Zeppelin. Arguably some of the biggest rock bands, and then in an unexpected plot twist, they continue to list Aqua and Maroon 5 within there favoured music choice.

Speaking on the matter Dan reveals it is in fact lead vocalist Tom Harris, who is the Maroon 5 fan: “We all come from a rock back ground and we all love rock music but we also all have different tastes as well.”

EofE have recently added Rhythm Guitarist/ Vocalist Reece Luke to their line up, a decision in which Dan describes as “the missing piece to the puzzle” in the production of the upcoming debut album.

He also reveals that the album has taken nearly a year and a half to make as repeated attempts of making tracks to best show their capabilities have been in high production admitting: “We have loads of songs that didn’t make the album because we just kept writing”.

Although the debut album is on the horizon for the upcoming rockers, the progression of the band has been a steady progression in the making as Dan says touring with bands such as McBusted and even The Vamps, have helped the band to become better live, despite being a radically different sound to themselves.

However, the biggest learning curve and the biggest wave of success EofE received was playing a highly acclaimed performance at this year Download Festival: “Getting the Download festival slot really helped, to play was a really good experience, if you can add that to your resume it’s incredible.” Dan also confirms that they have not received a call as yet for a return to Download, but would love to play again.

Describing the band’s sound as “Modern Melodic rock” Bremner also continues to state that the band are now cemented in their sound and aim to “push and establish what we are and what we are about” reflecting back on the bands past, he also gives a sense of motivated perseverance in moving forward and propelling the band to new heights, stating: “I try not to look back, they’re [old tracks] little snap shots of what we created in that moment, I just like to get them out there and move on to other stuff”.

The EofE lead guitarist reveals excitement over fan’s reactions with the new album and states personal favourites include ‘Ruins’ and ‘Save the Night’. Describing the tracks as “Good for crowd participation, so it’s going to go down really well live”. He also admits that it would be nice to see all the tracks from the album released as the feedback the crowd have given have lead to anticipation within the band.

“We’re all about making ourselves better no matter what it takes.“

Bringing our chat to a close, Dan gives us his three words to describe the upcoming album. In which he gives “Big. Powerful. Rock”. You can read a full review of the album a day before it’s official release on Quays News on October 8.

By: Nathan Smith

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