CHARITABLE students from the University of Salford gave up their time to sort clothing donations destined for migrants in Calais today (October 6).  

The sort was organised by charity Salford to Calais, who will embark on a 330 mile trip to hand out the donations later this month.

Calais has seen an escalation of the amount of migrants setting up camp close to the Channel Tunnel since July, with some believed to have fled conflict zones such as Syria.

Salford to Calais 3

Salford University second year student Shareen Denman leads the movement. She told Quays News:

“The picture of desperation I’ve seen in the media on a daily basis inspired me to help really. I want to try and help families and to give them the basic things they need for winter.

“Anybody that has supported the campaign has donated stuff – schools, members of the community. Lots of people have donated, the support has been brilliant”.

The sort and packing event took place at University House, and attracted people from different courses, all wanting to do contribute their time.

Applied Linguistics student Mona told Quays News: “I’m here because I love human beings and I want to help them in any way.”

Many of those who took part were inspired by images they had seen of people fleeing war torn countries such as Syria in the media.

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However, addressing delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today, Home Secretary Theresa May highlighted that some of the people in the camps across Europe are economic migrants and not refugees.

She said: “People on both extremes of the debate from the anti-immigration far right to the open borders liberal left conflates refugees in desperate need of help with economic migrants who simply want to live in a more prosperous society.

“Their desire for a better life is perfectly understandable, but their circumstances are not nearly the same as those of the people fleeing their homeland in fear of their lives”.

This Thursday there will be an event at Atmosphere Bar – the Student Union bar at the University of Salford – to raise vital funds for Salford to Calais to use on their journey to the refugee camp, all are welcome to attend.

By: Vicky Barker

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