THE HOOSIERS are back with a completely new sound on their new album ‘The Secret Service’. They’ve said goodbye to Mr.A, they’ve worried about Ray and now they are showcasing an eclectic album with 11 unique tracks for the trio. Quays News entertainment reporter Nathan Salt has given it a listen for us…

A double platinum, number one UK album ‘The Trick To Life’ back in 2007 announced the Berkshire trio to the masses with a number of top five hits including the infamous ‘Goodbye Mr A’. Now in 2015 and it’s album number four with ‘The Secret Service’ highlighting a previously unknown versatility. Students at The University of Salford were fortunate enough to gain a taster of this new sound at last summer’s Atmosfield festival but now released to the public on the eve of a return to the tour, it is an album certain to divide a fan base.

A musical decision to adopt a much slower pace, tracks such as ‘Dancers in the Dark’ highlight a poignancy and elegance rock bands are rarely associated with. An industry that is so diverse and open to new sounds it is a brave move, one would argue, but certainly one worth the risk after a third album just about squeezed into the top 100. It’s new. It’s daring. But the Hoosiers are brave and that is something to respect massively. If you are thinking of buying this album for carbon copies of the first album hits think again…

In the middle of the album fans are met with ‘The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life’ which is the closest to a synonymous sound on the album with the snappy, enunciated lyrics overlapping a patterned drum backing beat. An album highlight, it provides an antithesis to the glut of ballad-based tracks which is essential to appease a section of fans. The electrifying guitar riff on ‘Up To No Good’ is also worthy of a stand-out mention with it’s catchy vibe forcing me to hit that replay button. The third album is a blocked out memory and the reunion has highlighted a reshuffle in approach; inconsistent, certainly, but there are thrilling and exciting tracks on this record.

The Wheels Fell Off’ offers a blend of old and new, something modern coupled with a real sense of nostalgia, whilst the opening album track ‘Pristine’ provides an uplifting track which confesses ‘we are made for each other’ a reference to their band reunion. Irwin Sparkes vocal cannot be faulted with some truly impeccable showings but I’m left debating – still – whether this new sound is an improvement on old.

Chart hits are few and far between and the album has an outside chance to break into the album top 40 but at least it is an improvement on album three: ‘The News From Nowhere’…

Many thought The Hoosiers had disappeared into artist obscurity after the break up but they are back and despite the undoubted split online and comparisons to previous albums the Berkshire trio are back. The tour starts on Friday, October 8 to coincide with the album release…are the good times back?

Essential tracks: ‘Dancers In The Dark’, ‘The Most Peculiar Day Of Your Life’ and ‘The Secret Service’

By Nathan Salt


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