AFTER the first week of her weight loss challenge in association with DW Sports Fitness Club, our very own Rebecca Wallace gives an update on her progress so far. 

Well… my week startly badly!

When an old friend ask you to go out for dinner, you can’t say no! So on Monday night I was wined and dined (without the wine).

I decided to eat at Thiakun, in Spinningfields, and by its name you can tell it’s Thai food. I opted for a chicken and veg dish combined with spices and sticky rice. I said NO to alcohol so I’ve made some progress, right?

Thaikhun (thai restaurant) in Spinningfields
Thai cuisine: The eating establishment in Manchester that Rebecca visited in her first week of the diet

The week carried on fairly well. I pre-made al my meals for the week in advance so it was all freshly made and I had no excuse to start slacking – especially as I was working until 9pm some nights.

Meal choice 1: Turkey steaks, with broccoli and green beans with wild rice. I made three portions.

Meal choice 2:  Brown pasta in a freshly-made tomato sauce with peppers, onions and mushrooms. I mixed and matched each days between the meals.

This way I knew I wouldn’t add any naughtiness to the meals. Starting back at university and working evenings, I found myself struggling to exercise, and snacking!

Having time has been a past downfall of mine when it comes to weight loss.

This week has made me realise I need to make more time for myself, whether I use that time for studying, exercising, reading – indeed anything.

I did, however, slowly noticed the change in myself choosing healthier snacks, compared to the usual chocolate or crisps on the go.

Don’t get me wrong, a bar of chocolate wouldn’t go a miss as a one-off, but the best options are fruit, popcorn, nuts and seeds.

Snack weight-loss challenge
Snacking or slacking: One of the enriching dishes Rebecca has served up to reduce her calorie intake this week

Another quick snack I loved was (sounds strange) Lasagne.

Part boil the pasta and cut into squares – then bake high for five minutes and add a bit of sea salt, black pepper and any spices your heart desires. It’s also great with a bit of tzatziki (natural yoghurt, garlic and cucumber).

I’m excited about getting into a routine and starting to notice the changes when I take on the programme fully.

As of yesterday (Thursday), I’m getting giddy about trying out some of the classes following the arrival of my gym pass in the post.

In fact, in the past two weeks, I’ve noticed a slight change in my skin looking a bit healthier and having more energy to go about my daily routine.

So, to finish off, I can’t wait to fill my time with exercises and I’m sure I’ll notice the change in my body.

My starting weight was 8st, 11lbs, and my next weight will be revealed in a table on Monday along with the other girls!

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You can follow Rebecca’s 12-week challenge with updates on her Twitter account @becwallace94 and via her blog at 

Photo via ‘Penn State’ flickr

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