THE NEW All Stars of Comedy tour hit The Lowry in Salford last night, Quays News entertainment reporter Isobel Hine was there to watch it… 

All Stars of Comedy is a successful comedy show who are back again with a new line-up. The popular Slim, the hilarious Bajan dance hall queen Wayne Dibbi Rollins, newly rising comic Axel, the beautiful female comedian from East London Judy Love and urban comedian Smash.

On arriving at the venue, I was impressed with the service with which we received our tickets and were served refreshments. After an initial issue with finding our theatre, we took our seats. The atmosphere was buzzing as reggae music was played into the auditorium. Unfortunately, the show did not commence until 20:20, over half an hour late, but this did not dampen the audience’s mood.

The first act was also the shows announcer- Bajan dance hall queen Wayne Dibbi Rollins. He’s black comedy’s No.1 diva and sent the crowd into hysterics as soon as she danced onto the stage. The announcement before the show had explained the reason for lateness was because Dibbi was getting dressed after being delayed in traffic, and this was evident with the sexy and outrageous outfit that sent the audience into hysterics. The material mainly consisted of ethnic stereotypes, perfect for the target audience who could obviously relate. His trademark ladies get up and exaggerated Bajan accent was initially funny, but after a while became tedious. Despite this, his great stage presence cannot be denied and he did a good job at getting the crowd geared up for each act.

Smash immediately had the audience on side with his smooth voice and clever words. He began on what he described as a ‘serious note’ which was a poem he had written titled ‘dear weave’. He had merely cited the first sentence and the crowd was roaring uncontrollably.

He followed this with a story about watching Netflix with his girlfriend, and went on to show off his voice. The audience went crazy for it, and laughed as he responded, ‘I know, I know.’ His stand-up routine was, again filled with stereotyping different cultures and talking about his past. The audience participation was on point, and led to him serenading an audience member, much to her embarrassment. He kept the room on his side for the entirety of his set, with a flirty and attractive manner.

Next up was Judy Love, who danced onto the stage. Her strong personality shone through as she pleased the audience with joke after joke. She was quick to ‘big up the Nigerians’ and did not take herself too seriously. As a comedian, making fun of yourself always receives a good laugh. All of her material sent the audience into a frenzy of laughter, and she was overall very slick and quick with her set.

After the interval, the final two acts were Slim and Axel. Axel Black, who was inspired by Slim, received another great crowd response. His stage presence and facial expressions ensured each joke got a laugh. Not only is he quick and sharp with his words, but his comedy is also honest, which the audience appreciated.

Slim, whose name is Danny Gray has been named by Kevin Hart as his favourite black British comedian, and his set did not disappoint. His material was relatable to the whole audience, with jokes related to family and sex, and there wasn’t a single person in the crowd who was not belly laughing.

Overall, the show was hilarious and a lot of fun. The British black comedians received a great response from The Lowry audience. Some of the jokes I admit I did not understand, as they were based on different cultural stereotypes, but despite this, the talent in that room was undeniable.

By: Isobel Hine

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