STUDENTS at the University of Salford have raised £600 to help fund an aid mission to help migrants in Calais.

Thursday night’s (October 8) fundraiser was organised by the movement Salford to Calais, who plan to hand out donations at a migrant camp next week.

Fundraising activities on the night involved ‘betting’ on horses and a raffle, with prizes including a signed Manchester United shirt and football tickets.

Shareen Denman, second year student at the University of Salford is the group lead. She told Quays News ahead of the fundraiser:

“On the October 17 me and eight people are driving in convoy to Calais. They are expecting us, and they are quite looking forward to receiving our donations. We want to raise cash to take on the trip with us.

“The picture of desperation I have seen in the media on a daily basis inspired me to help really. I want to try and help families and give them the basic things they need for winter.”

Calais has seen an escalation in the number of migrants setting up camp close to the Channel Tunnel entrance since July, with some believed to have fled from conflict zones such as Syria.

Salford to Calais has raised £1055 to provide aid to the migrants. To get involved visit their official Facebook page or follow updates from the team on Twitter @SalfordtoCalais.

By: Vicky Barker

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