WILL Hutchby brings his debut solo show, Work in Progress, to the Kings Arms Studio on November 8 as part of the Greater Manchester Comedy Festival.

It’s free entry but there’s expected to be plenty of people wanting to see this show in such an intimate environment.

Twenty two years old and originally from Sheffield, Will is already an experienced comedian, having regularly appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe over the last three years with Tom Shortt.

About his new show, Will told Quays News: “At the moment, it’s thirty two minutes long and I’ve got three weeks to round it off.

“It’s a preview of what I’m going to be doing in Edinburgh next year. It’s a rehearsal for a preview if you like. I’ve got the concept down to a T, just haven’t got the content down yet. It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks writing it. It will certainly be fresh.”

Will states that this show will be built as much around audience interaction as much as pre-written material.

He said: “I don’t really like the middle ground. I enjoy watching comedy that could either be genius or not so good. The unexpected. Hopefully that will pay off, usually it does. The audience can expect a show that will be haphazard and charming.”

Tragedy and misfortune is fundamental part of comedy Will believes. He says “any comedian will tell you, we’re all willing something awful to happen to us so we can write a show about it. That’s what makes people laugh”.

An engaging and funny man, this is a unique opportunity to see, free of charge, an up and coming comedian who will make people laugh.

Work In Progress is on at The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom Street, M3 6AN on November 8. Entry is free of charge.

Will Hutchby (Greater Manchester Comedy Festival)
New face of comedy: Will Hutchby, 22, is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe in recent years but debuts his new solo show at this year’s Comedy Festival

By Anthony Murphy

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