BLACKPOOL based rock trio, Darlia, took to the stage at Manchester Club Academy this bonfire night. Our entertainment reporter, Abi White, was also there…

It’s fair to say Darlia have offered something new and exciting to the music industry since 2013. After forming two years ago, the band have already released three exciting EP’s and a mini album, ‘Petals’, stirring excitement at the promise of a new rock-revival. With the majority of tracks filled with excellent hooks, it’s difficult not to crave Darlia’s singles.

Audience members were met with the rock support bands, Flesh and The Family Rain, who did an excellent job of warming the audience. The Family Rain particularly managed to involve the audience by encouraging them to clap along to their melodies.

The Family rain

Following the two rock based support acts, the excitable audience were brimming with energy to engage within the mosh pits that would soon fill the evening. Opening up with ‘Candyman’, Darlia immediately grasped the attention of the audience with the large and loud sounding track teamed alongside bright strobe lighting. Front man, Nathan, exposed his showman-ship, by deliberately missing out lyrics to engage the audience even further, who were almost shouting along to the track. This track is one of the band’s best tracks, as it is a perfect representation of the band’s style and genre.

After the first track being well-received by the audience, the band continued to play an instrumental to move into their next upbeat track, ‘Stars Are Aligned.’ Another great track that defines the band’s style, the band were exciting to watch on stage, with lots of variation of movement, with singer Nathan, crouching down to audience level to sing the catchy song. What was noticeable, was that the songs were slightly different live than on record, demonstrating the band’s musical talents and ability to improvise.

Next up was a new track from the band, which was a more melodic track with well-chosen guitar effects similar to that of ‘The Smiths’, which suited the style of the song well. However, what started to become slightly noticeable after the first few tracks was that the structure of the tracks were quite similar, with an energetic chorus followed by a second verse of a toned down rhythm section.

A few songs passed, and the band still hadn’t stopped to talk to the audience a great deal. Although involving the audience during their tracks, in between tracks the band didn’t really speak to the audience until later on in their set. Nevertheless, the audience were still as energetic and engaging in the mosh pits as they had been since the opening track.

Dear diary’ was the song next played, which was another of the band’s great singles that promises the revival of rock. This particular track has excellent hooks, and the band performed this with a great deal of energy. Despite using feedback that sounded slightly out of place, this track was well received and had members of the audience jumping around and bopping their heads.

Like every gig, there is always a lull at some point during the set, and this followed shortly after ‘Dear diary’. The band proceeded to play a “chill song” and told the audience “go for a p*ss if you are bored”. Although a slower song, Nathan’s recognisable vocals and Dave and Jack’s (bass and drums) constant energy assisted in keeping the crowd engaged. The band then played a lesser-known song, which contributed to the lull. However, the band massively pulled the audience back by playing ‘Pandemonium’, shortly followed by ‘Napalm’.

From going from the lull of their set, the band quickly managed to make the ending of their set the most energetic and exciting part. The audience began to chant ‘Darlia’ before the playing ‘I’ve never been to Ohio’. The band then left the stage, only to shortly return to an encore of arguably their best hit, ‘Queen of Hearts’, leaving the audience happily satisfied with the grunge/rock trio’s perfomance.

By: Abi White

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