A CHOIR has formed in Manchester to record a charity single in aid of the refugee crisis at the start of this week.

Over a two-week period, 40 people registered online for the event organised by Greater Manchester Churches Together (GMCT).

Proceeds of the single, which costs £5, will be shared equally between three charities: Caritas, Christian Aid and Refugee Action.

The song “Echoes of Love” – written by Archbishop Doyé Agama – will be released on December 9 at the live event A Night of Hope.

Charity single for refugees recorded by volunteers in Manchester

Lloyd Gordon, a professional musician and the Ecumenical Facilitator for GMCT, is the producer and project manager.

He revealed there is “a whole mix of different backgrounds – some people who can sing confidently and some who cannot” among those who signed up.

Gordon views the unifying power of music as another highlight of the project, saying:

“Raising money is great, raising awareness is fantastic, but unity, you can’t get better than that.

“To have a church network across the city do this, it’s quite fresh. I don’t think anyone else has done this. This is a cause where we can all stand together.”

All three of the charities involved have branches local to Manchester, including Caritas Diocese of Salford. Mark Wiggin is their coordinator for refugees and asylum seekers.

He revealed that money donated to Caritas will be spread across Mancunian organisations supporting refugees:

“It will go to Revive, The Boaz Trust and our own Cornerstone Day Centre.

“We look after about 150 people a day there, of which I would say 40 would be asylum seekers, refugees, people destitute, migrants from Eastern Europe and it’s those people who are already here now that need that practical help and support.”

All three charities will be presenting at the A Night of Hope event on December 9 at Manchester Cathedral. Tickets can be purchased online.

A Night of Hope

By Max Merrill

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