CRIME Stoppers has appealed to the public across Salford to come forward with information as last week marked 10 years since the launch of its Most Wanted online gallery.

Gary Murray, North West Regional Manager of Crime Stoppers, said they wanted to do something “special” to mark the 10 year anniversary.

The not-for-profit charity orchestrated a digital ad van to tour through the streets of Salford and Manchester broadcasting the faces of the wanted individuals in the area.

Forty nine offenders are believed to be from Greater Manchester with approximately six individuals featured from Salford.

Mr Murray said these individuals have committed serious offences such as murder, assaults and threats to kill and is encouraging the public to come forward if they have any information.

“If there is a major incident whether it’s a shooting, murder or rape Crime Stoppers is there to take information from the public,” Mr Murray told Quays News.

According to Crime Stoppers the website has generated a lot of success over it’s 10 years of operation with more than 3000 people arrested because of information that has come from the public.

The Most Wanted campaign also comes after recent gangland terror has seen a spate of 22 shootings take place over the last 18 months in Salford.

With public silence surrounding these recent attacks Mr Murray believes the past week will be a reminder that anonymous reporting of crime is completely secure.

“It’s totally anonymous so people can ring us without fear that their identity will be revealed or without anybody knowing who has made that call so I think crime stoppers has a key role to play in breaking down that mistrust in the community.”

By: Anthony Piovesan

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