CHVRCHES – pronounced Churches – returned to the stage by packing out the Albert Hall in Manchester. Quays News entertainment reporter Laura Steffan went to see the Scottish electro-pop trio leave concert goers delighted.

Chvrches continued the world tour they recently started by playing a thrilling second gig at Manchester’s Albert Hall last Friday night.

Since they haven’t been on tour for a while, both gigs, Thursday and Friday, were sold out.

The trio from Glasgow recently published their second album “Every Open Eye”, released on September 25 this year.

Chvrches are known for their unique electro-synthpop sound, which they proved once more on their new album with songs like “Leave a Trace” and “Clearest Blue” – my favourite ones from the album.

Starting off with “Never ending circles” from the new album, it became clear very quickly that they weren’t going to play a calm, chilled set like their opening act, Mansionair, to ease us into the show slowly.

The whole 90-minute-set was filled with upbeat songs, accompanied by singer Lauren Mayberry running from one end of the stage to the other, spinning around, dancing and playing with the cable of her mic.

They created a club-like atmosphere with flashing bright light effects that reminded me of the electro/techno club scene in Berlin and London. Everyone went crazy.

Mayberry praised the audience by saying Manchester was always “a special place to play, as the audience isn’t always like this”, referring to the screaming crowd. She was visibly enjoying the show and chatted with the audience during songs, making jokes about allergies and slush puppies.

Completely contradictory to what she sounds like with her soothing, fairy-like voice, she was wearing an all-black-grunge look featuring Doc Marten’s with which she stomped to the beat.

The atmosphere was very special, which is not only because of the lighting for that show, but also because of the venue itself. Manchester’s 100 year-old Albert Hall was originally a church before being used as a concert venue.

After the concert, as we walked downstairs from the balcony, everyone was talking about the show and how it surpassed their expectations by far. This is exactly what I felt like.

I wanted to see them perform since I got to know their music in 2013, and after I watched a few clips on Youtube to see what they are like playing live, I was a bit disappointed. I felt like the shows in the clips didn’t reflect their style of music, which I imagined to be perfect for loud, animate concerts which are like a good party you don’t want to miss.

After this concert, definitely one of the best ones I’ve been to so far, I can guarantee you: If you like their music, you don’t want to miss one of their shows!

By Laura Steffan

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