BEAUTY treatments emerge all the time – particularly if a celebrity gives their seal of approval – and so following Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, Quays News reporter Nathan Salt spoke to Salford-based company, Clear Complexion, who have brought the controversial trend to the region…

Halloween has been and gone but this latest treatment is far from a dressing-up ‘fad’. But to perfectly pull off the vampire facial it involves two things that often leaves British society weak at the knees: blood and needles.

Still like the sound of it? Well, the demand for the treatment has rocketed in the past year despite having initially surfaced in the cosmetic industry back in 2007. Through the publicity of celebrities like Anna Friel, Rupert Everett and of course American reality star Kim Kardashian it has become somewhat of a beauty trend. They have it so therefore fans feel the need to follow their idol’s lead.

Clear Complexion owner Sarah Bancroft spoke exclusively to Quays News and admitted the influence of celebrity has provided a great deal of exposure for the facial that has certainly divided opinions.

“I don’t read celebrity magazines or follow trends but a lot of people do and they want to look and dress like these celebrities,” she told us.

“Unfortunately that is the way society has gone and women in particular are more conscious of their appearance, that is just the way we are, that won’t change.

“The media can certainly have a knock on effect in the way they portray [the facial]. But because celebrities have had it people aren’t bothered about reading the background information.”

Say after reading this feature, you book an appointment with Clear Complexion, what exactly are you signing yourself up for…?

What exactly is a vampire facial?

The treatment, known scientifically as Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment [PRP], involves the blood and plasma from the individual’s arm before being rolled onto the skin with a derma pen – a device with over 500 tiny needles – creating a red facemask.

The process is however chemical-free and is done to rejuvenate ageing skin whilst also helping to treat acne and scars.

The rejuvenation therapy utilises unique skin tissue growth factors and healing properties to improve the condition of the skin by stimulating collagen formation and improving the overall blood supply.

Results across the globe have already seen it benefit those with scars, stretch marks, pigmentation from sunlight, enlarged pores and weathered skin.

Ms Bancroft said: “It fascinated me how you can use your own blood, your own body essentially to repair itself. I went home after I heard about it at a salon and read up about it online and then I decided to get a credit card and pay for my training.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 19.41.12
The butterfly needle used to extract blood from the client’s arm

“I’ve had two treatments and I’m happy. I’ve seen that the pores on my nose are smaller, I’ve not got as many blackheads as I did before and my skin looks brighter overall.”

The treatment has been criticised by Victoria Secret model Gigi Hadid as the ‘one beauty treatment’ she won’t be trying but Bancroft claims a lack of education is the reason behind the inevitable criticisms.

She told us: “The media sensationalise it as ‘dracula therapy’ and then it got the name ‘vampire therapy’. It’s not massively researched [in the UK] but I think the clients and results speak for themselves.

“People are always a bit cautious because it involves blood. Also, people don’t like needles and a lot in society are needle-phobic.

“I think if people read into it a bit more and understood it a bit more maybe they wouldn’t be so put off. I’m not saying it is for everybody but my customers have said they would never go near BOTOX or derma-fillers now after this.”

What are the benefits?

Clear Complexion owner Sarah Bancroft

Initially the process seems completely banal but with zero chemicals added, leaving the body to repair itself, clearly there are benefits to having blood rolled across your face.

Who would have thought it?

This may be Bancroft’s first venture into the business world as she juggles both this and agency work as an A&E nurse, but she is bullish about its unrivalled benefits.

“The plasma has no side effects; you just can’t react to your own plasma…” she said.

“I’ve seen a massive difference in some of the people I have seen and so have their friends, which is why I am getting more and more customers.”

I had my reservations as I set off to interview Sarah Bancroft but came away in a more educated, reflective mood having seen my opinion change on the treatment.

No chemicals. It’s just natural.

By Nathan Salt

Clear Complexion is based on 42 Chorley Road in Swinton with Sarah Bancroft contactable for bookings on 07735 410 258

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