THERE was whizpopping fun in the festive adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre. Here’s what Quays News reporter Rebecca Wallace thought… 

The Octagon Theatre was transformed into a magical land full of joyful dreams, whizpoppers, greedy human gobbling giants and even Lizzy herself, The Queen of England, for a Christmas-time production of Roald Dahl’s classic The BFG.

Unable to fall asleep in her orphanage bedroom, Sophie spied a huge and mysterious figure blowing something secretive into a bedroom windows opposite her orphanage. Before she has a chance to hide, the giant noticed Sophie spying and snatched up her up, whisking her away to his home in Giant Country.

Like the name says, Giant Country is filled with giants, and not the good kind – Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and Bonecruncher are human eating giants.

BFG at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton

In this exhilarating tale, Sophie becomes close friends with The Big Friendly Giant and the pair embark on an exciting adventure which involves meeting The Queen of England and saving the ‘humanbeans’ of England from the human eating giants.

The audience was delighted by an exciting and stimulating stage set, full of whizzpopping lights, bright dreams, impressive giants and creative royal décor.

The small cast included only six actors and actresses, including many Octagon newcomers such as John Seaward, as the BFG, and Macy Nyman, as Sophie.

Overall it was a night of fun for all the family, keeping you on the edge of your seat, especially when the giants enter the aisles. Be careful not to get eaten!

The BFG is also set for the big screen in a film directed by Steven Spielberg, due for release next year, while you can see the production at the Octagon until January 9, with tickets available at the Octagon website.

By Rebecca Wallace

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