THE Manchester Muslim Prep School raised £2,000 to the Syrian charity ‘Syrian Relief’ to specifically help Syrian refugees in Greece make a better future for themselves.

The Manchester Muslim Prep School (MMPS) held a food fair outside in the playground for the poor Syrians as the winter approaches.

The event took place after the school day as several tables where taken outside to help with the food sale. Volunteers brought along food and drinks to sell on the day, including rice, pasta and cakes.

The weather was windy, rainy and dull, yet no-one was distracted as the volunteers carried on passionately with the charity work to raise money – while the joy of children shouting and laughing could be heard.

Volunteers at the Manchester Muslim Prep School
Volunteers: A group picture of all the PTA members, The Head Teacher and SMSC Co-ordinator that contributed

Bilquis Hatahet, who is a SMSC Co-ordinator in the school is in charge of social, moral, spiritual and cultural side aspect of the school, said: “We have done a lot of fundraising in the school. We worked with the British Heart Foundation, we fundraise with the Christie Hospital for Macmillan Coffee Morning and raised outside the UK, for example to Burma and the Syrian refugees in Greece.

“So I say we have done quite a lot of fundraising activities.

“Today has been an amazing day, the way the money has been coming, it’s just like it’s been flying from all over. Everywhere I go people are patting me and putting money in the bag.”

She added: “There have been some events where we raised a £1,000 easily.”

As the end of the day approached, the final total raised on the day was over £2,000 for the Syrians in Greece.

Bilquis Hatanet (Manchester Muslim Prep School)
Representative: Mrs Bilquis Hatahet is the SMSC Co-ordinator

The afternoon event lasted for about an hour and then, straight after packing up, the after school extra classes had started.

You can donate a £1 to save a life by visiting

By Lajin Barakat

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