THE Gaskell Garden Project has teamed up with RAPAR to fix up over 20 bikes to give to refugees in the Manchester area. 

Daniel Isaac, a human rights lawyer and founder of the Gaskell Garden Project, said: “The aim is to reduce the social isolation so people can actually access services across Manchester.

“The idea is that they can be free.”

The team of volunteers aim to provide 20 bicycles to local refugees and asylum seekers. Any surplus bikes are being sent to the refugee camp in Calais.

Dr Rhetta Moran, of the human rights organisation RAPAR, said: “Through conversation we worked out that it could be possible that people in Manchester reconditioned bicycles.

“As a part of highlighting what is happening in Calais and enabling people in Manchester to become involved in doing something constructive in Calais, we decided to start the project.”

The project will continue to run at the Bike hub in Plattfields Park on Saturdays. More information can be found on the Gaskell Garden Project’s Facebook page.

The Gaskell Garden Project

By Max Merrill

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