Quays Advent Day 2

As the first doors of the Advent Calendar begin to open, Nathan Salt ponders about the over-saturation of the festive season in his Christmas diary.

Dear Diary,

Am I the only one tiring of Christmas already? I’m waking up to Mariah Carey at a ridiculous hour and falling asleep to Chris Rea – I’m not even driving anywhere, never mind home for Christmas with these deadlines still looming! We are two days into December. TWO DAYS. And I have become the Ebenezer Scrooge of this student household. It was as if three days ago, as November drew to a close, someone transported me into a weird Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime esque nightmare. But I am not having a wonderful Christmas time. More precisely, I am simply having quite a stressful December time…

I just cannot cope with a barrage of text messages reminding me to open my Advent Calendar and eat my chocolate every morning. I start work at the Students’ Union from 8am so a chocolate – however small and dainty – at 6:30am is much less appealing than it was when my family dropped off the calendar some weeks ago.

You cannot even browse a website, or watch the television, without a Santa hat emerging somewhere on the screen or a Christmas ad popping up – there is simply no escape (and no escape from the Great Escape either, which will no doubt be broadcast over the holidays). Even as I take solace in my weekend football kick-back, I’ve got Gary Lineker worming festive puns into his opening few lines of Match of the Day. Or Sky Sports’ Super-Sunday programme adopting a wintery, snow-covered title sequence. Has so-and-so manager been good this year? That player has been left with a red nose after the own-goal; the list – sadly – goes on.

At what stage do we say enough is enough? It shouldn’t be like this. I should not be sat here unleashing my anger and frustrations about the saturated Christmas society we live in.

I do not have a hatred for the festive season but if it continues at the rate it is currently going, then the word “overkill” will soon be the best description. If we were a week before the big day then, yes, I’d find myself more inclined to breakout my rendition of Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody but alas, it is week one of December – not days before the big man comes down the chimney.

My festive cheer will no doubt have improved – voluntarily or forced – by the time I sit down to write an entry next week but for now put that tinsel away, stop eating those selection boxes and get that turkey back in the freezer!

Nathan Salt

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