Quays Advent Day 3

Yesterday, Nathan Salt made the case for #TeamScrooge. Since we operate to the highest journalistic standards, #QuaysAdvent has granted his housemate Molly Smith the right of reply for #TeamSanta.

Dear Diary,

As December begins, when Michael Bublé emerges from his hibernation, I decorate myself in tinsel and open up the numerous amount of Advent Calendars I own (24 days means 24 calendars, right?) before I feel like the festive boundaries can be pushed no further.

Much to the dismay of my fellow housemates, I am a self-proclaimed Christmas-aholic.

Although the weather outside is frightful, my festive fever feels like it is about to burst. But like that extra mince pie at Christmas dinner, there is always more room for the season to encroach on my life: whether it be wiping the surfaces with my Snowman branded kitchen roll or the tinge of excitement I feel when I am served my gingerbread latte (with an extra shot of cinnamon, naturally) in a coffee cup decorated as a penguin.

I work in a card shop so the Christmas spirit is pretty much draped across every aspect of my life. There’s always a small buzz I feel as the Christmas cards start to be wheeled out mid-August and the delivery of Yuletide gifts slowly starts to trickle in. Not even the customers oddly buying two Christmas cards addressed “To Wife” and “To Girlfriend” can dampen my mood when I spend my time working in a place that plays a big role at Christmas; and perhaps the 42% divorce rate in the UK.

The carols and novelty songs are the root of my love for Christmas. Whether it is Mariah Carey singing about what she wants for Christmas or Noddy Holder screaming “It’s Christmaaaaaaas!”, they wake me up and soothe me to sleep (the Slade hit wakes me up for obvious reasons) during December. Admittedly, they also wake up  my housemate who may as well have “bah humbug” strapped across his forehead. Sadly, my housemates aren’t quite as enthusiastic about Christmas as I am, which means my house isn’t allowed to be decorated in the way I would like – think Danny DeVito’s house in Deck The Halls and you’ll have a close insight into my creative vision.

In an ideal world I would bypass Hallowe’en and go straight to roasting chestnuts on an open fire; however, due to the lack of a fire, chestnuts and fellow Christmas supporters in my house I am forced to wait. I feel this year I am close to getting them on my side, with Christmas being slowly drip fed to them. The simple action of leaving Home Alone playing on the TV or the daily 8am Advent Calendar checks is beginning to have an effect and I feel as though soon the house’s festive spirit will be in full swing.

My festive cheer is as always fully intact and until Spring has sprung (and Michael Bublé returns to wherever he hides during the rest of the year) it won’t be going anywhere so embrace the Christmas spirit alongside me and get ready for big event.

Molly Smith

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