QUAYS News entertainment reporter Amy Williams caught up with Ukrainian duo Bloom Twins before their appearance supporting Duran Duran at Manchester Arena….

With a psychedelic tone and mysterious vibe embedded in unique melodies, songs composed by the Ukrainian duo ‘Bloom Twins’ are emerging to be memorably compelling of their niche genre. Comparing their style to Massive Attack, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Radiohead and Bob Dylan influences, twins Sonia and Anna Kuprienko wish to promote music with a message and share their love of it.

After moving to London a couple of years ago, the 19-year-olds have created an image of nothing other than bold and stylish, making their talent known. They rock the piano, flute and harmonica to contrive electronica tunes: ‘Fahrenheit’, ‘Blue’, and ‘Get Up Stand Up’ being released songs.

The Bloom Twins are currently on tour supporting Duran Duran, and Manchester was the first place on the list of cities to strike with their talent. Having not played in Manchester before, they said: “We were on our way to the Lake District so we were just staying for one night in Manchester and I think we ended up in a club. Nothing special, but we’re looking forward to getting to know the city more!”

In preparation for the production of their music progression, both Sonia and Anna are co-writing with Duran Duran’s keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

“Music has no age!” was the response the teenagers gave when asked to describe their feelings on such an achievement; The Bloom Twins explained their experience of being in the music industry at such a young age:

We were 15 when we moved to London, without knowing any language whatsoever. We didn’t know anything, it was scary! My parents let me move to London at 15 with my sister… that was the scary part. But you know what, it was good. It was a good experience and you have to work hard, otherwise you will flop.”

Having had their parents influence them massively with their music taste, they are ecstatic about the help from Nick to produce songs seeing as they have been listening to Duran Duran since they were small.

They enlightened how it all came about: “First we did a photoshoot for a magazine and did a musical thing; someone invited him to a Christmas party that we were performing at, and he saw us playing and he liked it. He got in contact asking to write a song together but we ended up writing eight because we were free to create! And then he asked to write more together which was a massive deal for everyone.”

Respecting this opportunity, they have enjoyed music from birth and in their own words ‘we could sing before we could talk!’ The duo come from a family of music lovers and continue to share more about their influences.

At home my dad would be playing drums and then he would listen to The Beatles and stuff. That’s why we like so many British bands – because our parents listened to it, so it was like we didn’t really have a choice to listen to something else!”

Listening to Bloom Twin’s music, it’s irrefutable to say that you cannot feel the emotion with each lyric. Get Up Stand Up #WeAreUkraine was a song which was composed to reflect the corruption of the time, in dedication to everyone there in their hometown.

They said: “We wanted to show what was going on two years ago. We wanted to praise those people who were standing there because we couldn’t be there – our parents were there in the middle of that. BBC asked us to sing the song and the The Guardian was writing about us. You know, we did something good.”

Experiencing these things in addition to living, working, touring and singing together, the two teens share their outlook on being in sisterhood whilst performing as a duo: “We’re always together because we’re twins – we’ve never been apart – only for one day here and there. Of course we drive each other crazy, but it’s nothing to do with music it’s just because we’re together all the time! Which it’s healthy and fine; it helps a lot when we’re creating a song, it can be so crazy. I will be like ‘I don’t like this part you created’ and she’ll be like ‘I don’t like your melody’ you know, so it’s healthy.”

Sonia and Anna both said that they were more excited than nervous to go out to the crowd of Duran Duran’s fan base, to which no one can argue, is most deservingly monumental. The audience took to them kindly at the tour’s opening night in Manchester, only for their appreciation to grow. Bloom Twins are not one to miss: on Spotify and awaiting their single to be released in February with E.P shortly after, the idiosyncratic duo should not be ignored…

By: Amy Williams

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