RESEARCH has found that females will look for around 9 hours, on 8 websites and spend £66 in their quest to look the most stylish among their friends over the festive period.

Sixty-nine per cent of North West women will buy a new outfit specifically for Christmas celebrations this year.

Most women started looking for outfits in November for festive gatherings the following month, with over three-fifths of women purchasing new clothes for office parties alone.


The study by revealed that Christmas Day prompted just over half of females to change style whereas forty-five percent wanted a new look for New Year’s Eve.

Despite the profound initial search, the study also said the twenty-eight percent will never re-wear clothes due to fear of being seen in the same outfit twice.

Other findings also conclude that sixty-one per cent of North West females preferred to shop online rather than go in store.

By Josh Garside

Photo credits to Yeko Photo Studio/

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