LOCAL residents in Sale Moor are upset over plans to turn a village car park into an Aldi supermarket.

An online petition opposing the development of Warrerner Street car park has attracted 1,360 signatures.

Local resident, Veronica Saunders believes that the proposals are primarily about Trafford Council wanting to raise money.

Mrs Saunders told Quays News: “I am totally against this. Nobody I know wants this development, it’s just not needed. We have a good selection of shops and these will be badly affected with job losses. One of the reasons Sale Moor is popular is because of the availability of parking and with these proposals, one of those car parks will now be taken away.”

Mrs Saunders added, “Trafford Council have been trying to sell this land for development for at least ten years. It’s not long since the locals managed to stop Tesco. Within a mile we have a Co-op, Sainsbury, Tesco, Aldi, and Marks & Spencer. Then there will be the added problem of traffic with six local schools. The one-way system is often blocked, just imagine the added chaos a supermarket will cause?”

Trafford car parkOn Facebook, Alison Clarke explained, “The extra traffic, the effect on local business and the loss of the car park means more parking on side roads. More parked cars are more risks of accidents”

However Phil Handford of Sale Moor believes that competition should be allowed to run its course.

Mr Handford told Quaysnews: “Aldi will bring additional jobs to the area. If the smaller, more local shops in Sale Moor are to flourish, they will have to be good, fair priced, and the people will choose to use them.”

Mr Handford continued, “I can pay the slightly higher prices in the shops in Sale Moor, but maybe the pensioner, or person who cannot get up to Aldi in Sale Town as easily and has a limited choice, shouldn’t be denied the opportunity.”

When contacted, Aldi declined to comment.

By Anthony Murphy

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