THE WORLD’S biggest independant Star Wars convention hit Manchester this weekend, opening its doors to  thousands of eager fans but mixed reviews.

One of the scenes replicated for the vent, Jabba the Hut’s Palace Credit @jamspencer

After making headlines worldwide last month, Manchester based fan convention ‘For the Love of the Force’ opened at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Trafford Park over the weekend, giving fans the chance to hang out with the real-life Darth Vader and sip blue milk in a replica Cantina bar.

However many conventions goers have taken to Facebook to brand the convention “tacky, disheveled, unorganised, unfinished, and overpriced.”

Most complaints have said the convention was overpriced for what was offered, “Some of the props were a bit naff and the charge to walk around the ewok village was a put off for us,” and many complained at not been find pictures they’d paid for at the event. Although reviews have been mixed, with some positive reviews finding their way to twitter.

The convention aimed to give guests the most authentic Star Wars experience, recreating scenes for the beloved film series from an Endor battle scene, complete with 20ft scout walker, to a perfect replica of Luke Skywalker’s red X-Wing.

The centrepiece of the convention, however, was the perfect replica of Mos Eisley Cantina bar, the film setting viewers first meet character Han Solo. The bar acted as an actual cocktail bar, serving Star Wars inspired cocktails such as Blue Milk and Wookie Juice and showcasing live music throughout the weekend.  

As well as giving fans the chance to explore sets of the film, the convention hosted a number of guests from the Star Wars family. Top of the guest list was Dave Prowse who played the series villain Darth Vader in the original trilogy. Stunt double Andrew Lawden was also at the convention running a Jedi Training School, teaching youngsters how to yield the force.  

Whilst some complaints have dampened spirits, the organisers of the event took to Facebook to say thankyou to people for the support offered, even promising  to personally ring all those with complaints, “I will do my utmost to answer any questions and do whatever I can to keep people happy.”

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens opens in cinemas December 17th and has already smashed box office records, making well over £10 million in pre sales alone, with almost every early release of the film sold out in the UK.

By: Jade Chadwick

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