We say obtainable, but whether they are for everyone is another thing.

1) Hippy chic

It’s one that comes and goes but with a little update each time.


There’s no need to get high and wear tinted penny-shaped glasses for this look.  The picture that comes to mind when we think of a hippy is straight hair, split down the middle with a headband round our heads.  Mix this with some heavy eyeliner (think 60s Bridget Bardot), big full on lashes and you’ve got yourself a basic hippy look.

Celeb inspiration: Actress, Zooey Deschanel

The sparkly hair accessory – not worn as a headband – and which you could easily make yourself, flicked out eyelashes with gold eyeshadow with a dark line of eyeliner on the lid and very light pink lip colour. Simple.

2) Poolside glamour

Ok, so we know this doesn’t sound obtainable, especially when weather conditions don’t exactly suit it.  But bear with us.JLO

What we mean here is that way your hair looks when you get out of the pool (or let’s face it, the shower) – you’ve pushed it back from your face.  A little towel dry, run a comb through it and ‘voila’ your hair is done. The make-up you put with this will dictate day or night but for a fierce look altogether go night-time.  Choose an eye-shadow colour that suits, lashings of mascara and add red lips. For all of us normal folk this look may also involve running to the loos every now and then to re-wet our hair – sounds more like a chore to us but at least it means you don’t have to blow dry.

Celeb inspiration: Singer, Actress, Jennifer Lopez

There’s no-one better who could pull off this look.  We’ll leave the dress to one side but look at those sultry eyes.  J-Lo has opted for more on the eyes here and less on the lips – it’s usually best to pick one or the other – or balance them out by not going as heavy.  Add the hair and she means business.

3) Playful days

We’re not going all out pigtails here but ponytails, plaits and braids are an alternative to up-dos.


Straighten your hair and slick it back into a ponytail or plait for a very natural look.  All in all this look would be good for your job, wedding or just everyday – whatever clothes you put with it dictates each of those looks…”hmm pyjamas or fabulous dress?”  Keep the eyes clean and neutral with some soft beige, gold or pink tones and a link of mascara.  But plaits aren’t just for those with very long hair.  Try braids (like French plaits) along your forehead and/or down the side of your hair – looks especially good in the run up to summer.

Celeb inspiration: Actress, Isla Fisher

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with beautiful red hair like Isla but the loose, messy look side plait makes us realise this look is very obtainable.  The dressy earrings, light pink lip and smoky eye make this a real day-to night look.

4) 70s Curly wurly

No, not the chocolate bar but big ‘oompfh’ curls that you can shake to your heart’s content.

Oprah2Think 70s ‘disco’ ladies – Diana Ross, Donna Summer and co.  So many girls hate the ‘frizz’ they seem to refer to their curly hair as.  Work with what you were given – it’s only frizz if you don’t look after it.  If you find one good product that you make an effort to use for a special event, why not keep using it? For those with poker straight hair, use tongs or rollers – or if you don’t have those, your fingers will work – trust us.  The blow-drying might just take a bit longer though.  Go sparkly blue, green or yellow with your eyeshadow and bright lips.  Disco is having fun and not caring what others think!

Celeb inspiration: Entrepreneur, chat show host, Oprah Winfrey

Yes, Oprah Winfrey.  She looks just awesome here.  Look at those curls!  She may not have the bright eyeshadow or lips but this was Oscars so a toned down look is required.  But the big earrings and the colour of her dress, it just shows you when you get it right, you feel great.  We can just see Oprah singing ‘I feel looove’ right now.

5) I’m not a robot

The eye make-up on this look may make you look a robot but we know you’re human.

Short pixie-like hair cuts are big for 2012.  Sure they may be cold during winter but come the summer you won’t have to think about tying hair back or major amounts of styling. For make-up keep it simple with quirky makeup like 60s Twiggy or ‘I mean business’ dark lipstick.  Or go full robot, like some Spring/Summer catwalks, and make a line of colour right across your eyes for a really dramatic look.  Use a home-made stencil to make some colour designs.

Celeb inspiration: Actress, Kate Mara and R.E.M singer, Michael Stipe

Kate Mara’s face really suits this cut.  It’s small and petit and while it could be classed as ‘boyish’ she manages to keep it girly with a pop of colour on the lips and bright eyes.  Add some statement earrings as well for a dressed up look.  Michael Stipe’s inspiration is purely for his eyes.  We used to think “Eh, Michael, are you alright?” but little did we know, he was light years ahead of us.

By: Siobhan Maguire

Images: All Google advance search, labelled for re-use

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