A YOUNG couple from Manchester who were at the Stade de France when terrorists attacked said they would not rule out travelling to Paris again.

Dominic McGregor, 22, and Hannah George, 21, were watching the football together when three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the stadium on November 13.

Earlier in the evening, Mr McGregor, co-founder of the marketing agency Social Chain in Manchester, had a meeting opposite one of the restaurants targeted by ISIS gunmen in the French capital.

Miss George burst into tears when asked to comment, but Mr McGregor said he was still going to travel to cities and that he would not “live his life in fear.”

WATCH: Dominic McGregor tells of his experience during the Paris attacks and his confidence with travelling

The young entrepreneur’s comments come after bookings to Paris over the Christmas period have become “worrisome,” travel information group, Forward Keys have said.

Bookings for the festive season is currently 13 percent behind last year’s figures since the attacks according to data provided by the company.

Christmas Bookings

“Looking ahead into Christmas, the regular growth in bookings for travel to Paris promptly plateaued right after the terror strike and is starting to slide downwards,” the group said in a report.

Forward Keys spokesperson David Tarsh said the company sourced this data from major global distribution systems, which are used by travel agents all over the world to book flights.

A UK counter-terrorism supervisor, who does not wish to be named, said Britons travelling to Paris and other major cities over Christmas should be “alert, not alarmed.

“What terrorists want is to create fear and we’re not going to give in to them this Christmas.”

He added that European forces are working together and believes everyone in the UK and Europe, especially this Christmas holiday, will be more proactive to a terrorist attack.

LISTEN: Britain’s counter-terrorism supervisor gives his advice to British travellers over the Christmas period

He added that anyone who sees anything suspicious can call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline anonymously on 0800 789 321.

The coordinated attacks at the Stade de France, Bataclan concert hall and several restaurants in the city killed 129 people.

Nick Alexander remains the only British citizen who died during the atrocities.

Is Paris safe?

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A poll suggests that people have not been put off travelling to Paris, with nearly two thirds saying they will still travel to the city this festive season.

By Carlie Foster

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