GREATER Manchester Police are appealing for information after 126 sheep and two rams were stolen from a farm in Pilsworth, Bury.

The theft happened between Saturday, November 21, 2015 and Sunday, December 6, 2015.

Police are particularly interested in hearing from anybody who may have seen any livestock movements around the Moss Hall Road/Pilsworth Road area during the hours of darkness in the last two weeks.

They are also interested in hearing from anyone who may have been offered such livestock or have any information regarding this theft.

The theft of this number of livestock would require a trailer and trained sheepdog to round them up.

Police have asked people to look out for any sheep that have a red and blue dot marking on their backs and most should have an ear tag in bearing the owner’s premise identification number of UK0188822. There may also be blue markings across the shoulders of some of the sheep.

As well as being a serious crime, Greater Manchester Police say that the stealing of sheep is animal cruelty.

In Tees-side, Philip and Charles Raine are awaiting sentence for sheep rustling after a sheep identity parade helped convict them of being in possession of over 100 stolen sheep.

Anybody with information, please contact Whitefield Police Station on 0161 856 8204.

By Anthony Murphy

Image credit to Greater Manchester Police

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