THE world famous Salford Lads’ Club has unveiled a Wall of Names, which has the names of everyone of its member since the club opened in 1903.

The club, which was immortalised on the back cover of The Smiths seminal The Queen Is Dead album has had over 22,500 members since its formation.

According to club spokesman Leslie Holmes, this wall is tribute to both the clubs members and the clubs place in the local community.

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Leslie Holmes in front of the wall

Celebrated members such as Manchester United footballer Eddie Colman and 60s rock legends Graham Nash and Allan Clarke, stand on an equal footing with all other members, “including the more infamous ones” says a smiling Leslie.

An example of the wall of names
Eddie Colman’s entry into the wall of names

Leslie said: “I emailed Why Not Associates as they did the Comedy carpet in Blackpool. They specialise in very unique projects using typography.

“I told them that we have a wall that is in our archive room. It’s four metres by three metres and we want to get all the names on there. They emailed me back about five minutes later saying that they were fascinated by the project”.

“They spent eighteen months transferring all the names from the cards to the excel database and then onto the graphic designer. It’s all laser cut in steel. There is a lot of weight on that wall but it looks amazingly light. We’ve got some little washing light going behind it there. It is extraordinary really”.

The project cost £70,000 and was partly financed by boyhood club member and local bookmaker Fred Done. Club volunteer Amber Sanchez paid tribute to Mr Done and also said thatWe are hoping to get sponsorship for the names on the board and for people to donate to the club by sponsoring a name, perhaps their own name or somebody in their family”.

Leslie Holmes added: “If for example, some people paid a £10 sponsorship per year through a direct debit and enough people do this, we could sustain the future of this club”.

The wall is officially launched at Salford Lads Club at 3pm on Thursday, December 10. For any enquiries, contact Salford Lads Club on 0161 872 3767.

By Anthony Murphy

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