MANCHESTER born boxer Tyson Fury has been under fire for allegedly homophobic and sexist comments. Following his match with Wladimir Klitschko that led to him becoming world champion, Fury made remarks in interviews that linked homosexuality and paedophilia and also suggested a woman’s “best place is on her back” which has angered a lot of people.

After his world title fight, Fury was announced as a contender for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year against other top British athletes. A petition has been set up to have Fury removed from the shortlist and it has received over 125, 000 signatures.

The BBC responded by releasing a statement to say that the Sports Personality of the Year award was judged purely on sporting achievement and not on personal views. Fellow award contender Greg Rutherford said that he considered pulling out of the awards due to Fury’s involvement but talks with the BBC resulted in him reconsidering.

In response to the petition Fury said that he had the same views as the Pope and it didn’t matter if everything was taken from him because he still had the memories from the night he became world champion.

At Bridgewater Amateur Boxing Club in Salford, members responded with disgust at how such a high profile athlete can make offensive remarks and still be rewarded. Greg Small, a boxer at the club, said: “he shouldn’t be entitled to the Sports Personality of the Year award after the comments he made, he’s a bad role model and it’s a bad example for kids to be following.”

From Fury’s remarks on homosexuality, a complaint has been made to Greater Manchester Police and they are now investigating whether the comments were hate speech. The former police officer who made the complaint has now challenged Fury to do voluntary work in Manchester’s Gay Village.

By Emily Wilson

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