NOEL Edmonds has expressed his concerns over the deteriorating quality in Christmas television, and is increasingly worried about the large amount of repeats being shown this year.

The recent BBC festive television schedule was released last month, and viewers will be glad to hear that it boasts special editions of hit shows such as Doctor Who, Call the Midwife and Strictly Come Dancing.

However amongst the new shows there is also a range of repeated programming, with seven repeated shows on BBC2 alone this Christmas day. A stat that has the former Top of the Pops presenter worried.

“Christmas has never been the same since I stopped doing ‘Noel’s Christmas Presents’ [which originally stopped broadcasting in 1999] on Christmas day,” he told us.

“I still get people who say to me how much they used to enjoy those shows. I think we did show the better side of human nature and I think that we contributed to Christmas day maybe being a bit different, a bit special.

“But that all deteriorated a long time ago, when we got program controllers and planners who think that a Christmas show is putting a bit of polystyrene about and doing the same show. I mean I used to do Christmas shows which were original in content. Unfortunately with the budgets we have these days, I think those days are over,” Noel continued.

Christmas television is a main concern for the man that has warmed our TV screens for over four decades, and he feels that it is not only a case of poor commissioning at Christmas time, but that bad programming has become a characteristic of the company in general.

“The BBC has got its finger in every bloomin pie and is not doing one thing particularly well. They lose the sports rights, they are no longer the dominant force in news. So they have got to shrink it down, and as you know I want to buy it.”

“I have people who have the money to buy the BBC. All we need is the Royal Charter to change. I will be pitching in, and closing that building.”

Noel was speaking to us today to talk about his proposal for a brand new internet radio project, in which he wants to broadcast genre-specific programming whilst also offering students the opportunity to broadcast their work to a wider audience.

“I have come here today, to discuss a potential collaboration to do with internet radio. I have established a company called PositivityRadioWorld and we are the first company in the world to be doing genre radio stations, and I wondered if it may be of interest to the students here. We’ve been discussing how we could maybe work together.

“The thing that has fascinated me from a very low knowledge base is the fact that there seems to be a lot of people that are making content that has no home. In the sense that, if you are making really good programming how do you get it out there?

“Putting it on a university website is one thing, but getting it out to an audience is of paramount importance, and maybe I can work with some people here to create that audience. We’ve created in this unbelievable world now, all sorts of methods of communication. But have we actually got better at communicating? I would say we haven’t.”

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By Rich Fay

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