AFTER one of the most action packed series yet it’s time to say goodbye to Medic Bob, Kiosk Kieth and everyones two favourite Geordie’s. It’s been three weeks of pure entertainment, and one of the best line up of celebrities to date.

It was an explosive start to the year with the spectacular pyrotechnics in the first bush tucker trial. Campmates Lady C, George Shelby, Jorgie Porter, Kieron Dyer, Chris Eubank and Tony Hadley saw the first load of jungle critters and all took meals back to their camps.

Lady C was chosen by the public as the first jungle guinea pig because of her eccentric character that intrigued viewers. Lady C was first picked by the public alongside Jorgie Porter to take part in the trial ‘Disaster Chef’, she quickly won over the public for her hilarious character and comments. When Lady C was presented with turkey bollocks she asked: “What are bollocks!” and had many of us in stitches.

Later on in the show, Lady C didn’t keep everyone on her side, she certainly showed a different side after having brutal rows with campmates Yvette, Brian, Tony and Duncan. Viewers were completely torn on whether to love her or hate her and she had been described as ‘Marmite’ on the Itv2 spin off show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here NOW!

Eccles born Jorgie Porter was definitely a popular campmate and was another favourite for the trials. A spokesperson told Quays News Jorgie thought it was ‘an offer of a lifetime and was keen to experience it!’ She got voted all the way to the final five and had a fair few ups and downs but ultimately came out stronger than ever and was pleased to experience the ‘Celebrity Cyclone Challenge’. The spokesperson also told Quays News that if Lady C asked Jorgie for a tour of Hollyoaks she’d definitely oblige!

If the line-up wasn’t good enough as it was, in came the reality trio. Ferne McCann (TOWIE), Vicky Patterson (Geordie Shore), and Spencer Matthews (MIC), all entered the camp a few days after the others. However for one of them it didn’t last long, Spencer Matthews left the jungle very quickly and caused a lot of speculation after it hadn’t been mentioned why he had left. Spencer later confirmed he had left the jungle due to a steroid addiction, which left many fans disappointed and confused. Ferne and Vicky both entered the jungle with mixed views. Ultimately they won over the public with their determination, honesty, and likeable personalities.

Every year there’s hope of a jungle romance, and this year was definitely the year to watch if you’re a fan of George Shelby from Union J. He’s a young girls heartthrob and formed a close relationship with Ferne that kept the audience watching. We saw a very close friendship but are keeping our fingers crossed still to see a romance for the future.

Ferne, George and Vicky went on through the show taking part in some of the most entertaining tasks this year. Each of them took part in some brutal trials but one of the most talked about trials was Ferne’s final eating trial. She was presented with 8 dishes – four featuring disgusting insects and animal body parts, and alternatives of mouthwatering dishes the celebrities have been craving for the last three weeks. Ofcom received over 694 complaints after Ferne had to eat a LIVE spider.

After enjoying their final night in the jungle the celebrities got to choose three courses to have their final feast leaving them all ready for the final in the morning Ferne was the first to get voted out placing her third, and finally crowning Vicky the Queen of the jungle 2015.

The coming out show on Wednesday night told us everything there was to know about the celebrities since they left the jungle. Since leaving Lady C has made an official complaint to producers, saying she was bullied out of the show by Tony and Duncan. The pair haven’t responded and say they’re never going to speak to her again.

Since leaving the camp the celebrities have definitely been enjoying the life of luxury.

Vicky, Ferne and George have already met up for a day out at Winter Wonderland.


Top 10 Best Best Bits of 2015

Lady C eating trial – “What are bollocks?”

Vicky describes her attempt of the famous ‘shower scene’

Shots are fired when Lady C throws a bug on the fire

Chris really impresses us with his skills of walking backwards

Lady C flashes Ant and Dec

Kieron comes head to head with an Ostrich

Dec has his moment with the Masterchef joke

Ferne endures snake trial

The BEST Celebrity Cyclone EVER

and finally… the one that had everyone go crazy and hold a pillow in front of their face, Ferne eats a LIVE SPIDER!

By: Shannan Weeks

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