QUAYS News entertainment reporter Misha Solanki went to watch Noel Fielding at The Lowry in Salford last night, here’s what she thought…

As the Lyric theatre started to slowly fill up before the show, the atmosphere was buzzing. Noel Fielding is known for his eccentric attitude, bordering on strange. He is mostly known for The Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy in which he played a range of different characters, all as weird as the next.

Ten minutes late, Fielding came out dressed in a full length glitter covered cape, with glitter covered wings on his head. Surpringly, he pulled it off quite well. The show started off as most comedy shows do. Noel started of with “Salford you cheeky b***h,” which straight away showed the audience this wasn’t going to be a show for children. He then went on talk to the crowd to distinguish whether they wanted to be called Manchester or Salford. The crowd was spilt so throughout the show he just went on to call the crowd “Salford slash Manchester” which seemed to please everyone.

The comedian started off with a set that he had used on a popular BBC1 comedy show, which seemed to affect the laughter and enthusiasm from the crowd. He told the audience how he used to be part of the “Croydon massive” until he went to art school which completely changed him into the man we know him as today. Fielding then went on to tell us that he’s turned 42, which he related to being a “helium balloon” floating mid way to the floor, getting closer and closer to death, as he put it.

Throughout the first set, Noel did spend a lot of time interacting with the audience, dealing with hecklers that were shouting things out to him however, he did mainly seem to talk to the part of the audience that were right in front of him.

As his set carried on, it got stranger and stranger. The Moon made an appearance much to the audiences’ enjoyment. To those of you who don’t know who The Moon is, it’s a character that appears on the Mighty Boosh. It is basically Noel with a face full of shaving cream pretending to be the moon, as simple as that. The character is a very well known to those who follow Fielding, but he also surprised the crowd when he brought out a new character, The Dark Side of the Moon, who is The Moon’s evil brother.

He also brought out a range of well known characters such as Officer Boombox: The New York cop, Joey Ramone, Hawkeye, all of which had the audience in stiches with their own sets and distinct forms of humour. It wasn’t just him playing the different characters though, he had his younger brother Mike and fellow Mighty Boosher Tom Meeten.

Manchester / Salford x you beauties x

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The second half of the show started with The Moon explaining to the audience how Noel had been kidnapped and was now stuck in Joey Ramones plasticine land. This then allowed Noel to transform into Officer Boombox, come down into the crowd and speak to them to try and figure out who had kidnapped Noel. It turned out of course, to be The Dark Side of The Moon, with help from Tom Meeten who was playing an evil triangle who had it out for Noel. All this lead up to Noel then turning into Fantasy Man (another one of his unique characters), this was the only person who could enter the plasticine world. However, Fantasy Man decided he needed help from a member of the audience. A young teenage boy was the chosen one and he was knighted by Noel/Fantasy Man as Sir Steve of Salford.

To end the show, Fantasy Man and Sir Steve were sent into the plasticine land to save Noel, which Steve did using a giant penis. Like I said before, the show is definitely not one to take children to see.

An evening with Noel Fielding was a show that did not disappoint. The range of jokes, concepts and improvisation that was used made the show something that is completely unique to each night, none of them will ever be exactly the same. That is something that makes Noel Fielding a pleasure to watch, if you can get over his crudeness and out of this world sense of humour.

By: Misha Solanki

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