RYAN Ravenscroft, 22, admits that he would take the performance enhancing drug if it meant he could continue to play as a professional.

“If I became a full time professional I would take steroids especially if I was going to lose my position on the team.”

The biggest fear for most rugby players is being replaced by another player and losing your job. Ryan explained that if he had a mortgage and children that he would take steroids to ensure he was always capable of playing rugby so he could fund his home and family life.

Gloucester All Golds front row, Alex Davidson, agreed with Ravenscroft’s comments:

“At the end of the day performing is money, this is your livelihood, and this is how you put food on the table to take home to your family. So there is always the pressure to take it.”

Davidson, 22, explained that he loves the sport too much to risk leaving because of drugs. He has been on three professional teams and he thinks losing rugby for steroids would be a big loss to him.

“There’s too much to lose, you take these substances, you’ll get found out it’s not only your livelihood you are going to lose, you lose your sport and your family aren’t going to support you because you have cheated.”

Although he’s admitted that he would take steroids Ravenscroft is in the final stages of being accepted for the GB England student team so would not ruin this opportunity.

Ravenscroft added: “If I did take steroids I’d feel guilty and I’d feel like I was cheating the team.”

He explained that if someone in his team was taking steroids he would encourage them to stop but knows he would be more lenient if they were showing an improvement because of it.

By Kimberley Harrison

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