SUPPORTING female band lovers alike, a group of five teenage girls have joined forces to create the campaign, ‘girls against groping’, which is sweeping across the nation by storm. The campaign wants to make a stand and put a stop to some music fans thinking they have the right to sexually assault others at gigs and concerts.

After meeting each other on Twitter, four of the girls involved in the campaign went to a ‘Peace’ gig, in which two of the current campaigners were badly groped.

“A guy tried to force his hands into my tights and with Ava there was a guy who would leave her alone and kept pestering her,” Hannah commented. It was then that the girls decided something needed to be done about the commonly recurring situation that many girls experienced at gigs.

Circa Waves are just one of many bands supporting the campaign

“We always knew we wanted to do something together as we had been good friends for a while after we’d met on Twitter.”

This was the perfect opportunity for the girls to put their plan into action. Only over one month ago, they began by giving out badges to gather support against the groping that was happening at gigs. One month later, and the small project had turned into a much larger campaign that has now become nationwide.

Attracting musicians across the country, bands such as ‘Peace’, ‘Circa Waves’ ‘Drenge’, ‘Slaves’ and ‘Foals’ to name a few have been speaking out to audience members expressing the support they have for the campaign, and how it is deemed completely unacceptable to sexually grope females at gigs.

“The bands have been great,” the girls commented. “They’ve been really supportive and more than happy to chat to us and start a conversation.” With the bands being extremely vocal on the topic, the campaign has also encouraged many girls to speak out about their experiences.

“The support has been incredible! We recently went to ‘The 1975’ in Edinburgh and quite a few people came up to us and openly supported the campaign which was kind of odd but very cool for us”

‘Slaves’ have been extremely supportive of the campaign as they explained over their Facebook page.

However, it sometimes is overwhelming at times for the campaigners as they receive a lot of media attention due to the nature of the campaign, which ‘has been quite scary sometimes’, and ‘a few negative tweets’ have been sent to the girls. However, this negativity doesn’t stop them in pursuing their campaign.

“One of our main goals is to have most, if not every, venue and security company in the UK with a clear, solid and safe security plan in order to spot and stop sexual harassment at gigs. Also on how to approach victims and get them the help they need.”

On November 28, 2015, a few audience members at The 1975 concert in Manchester explained what the campaign meant to them…

By running such a sensitive but relatable campaign, both women and men have related with the campaign and supported it since the onset.

“Obviously we’d love to expand across the world and into festivals but we’re taking each day and gig as it comes at the moment.”

But if they keep heading in the same direction they are now, there is no doubt that they will raise copious amounts of awareness and achieve their goal.

The campaign can be found on Twitter at @girlsagainst.

By: Abigail White

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