STUDENTS from Salford today took part in a monumental moment in history by exercising with the first ever British citizen to be selected as an astronaut by the European Space Agency, Tim Peake.

The students will train with Tim as he travels at 27, 600 km per hour, circling the earth every 90 minutes whilst using the gym for two hours every day, in what is called the Space 2 Earth Challenge.

Without exercising every day, Tim will lose bone and muscle mass due to him not having to battle with earth’s gravity.

Students at Barton Moss in Eccles, Salford Academy in Ordsall and Westwood Park Primary School will be running, cycling and bounding the distance from space to earth, and will be egged on by a team from the British Triathlon Trust.

Deputy Head of Barton Moss Primary School in Eccles, Christopher Wilson, told Quays News: “I have 30 very excited children this afternoon, Barton Moss Community Primary School, who were lucky enough to participate in the Tim Peake physical challenge at Salford City Academy School this morning.

“We watched the Horizon programme on Monday morning as part of our English lesson, participated in his challenge today and then watched Tim blast off into space at 11.03 this morning.

“I was very proud of how all the children participated this morning. We know how active and physically fit our current Year 6 children are in comparison with many other schools in the country but were astounded with the fact that some children did 6 laps of a tough run, jump and cycle triathlon circuit.”

“This was a fantastic collaboration and worthwhile project that we have been proud to be associated with and everyone at Barton Moss Community School wish Tim Peake success with his own physiological challenges on the Space Station over the next six months.”

Salford City Academy is a United Learning School and will be the only school hosting this once-in-a-lifetime-event and Tim Peake said that he hopes the students will train with him: “While exercising far away in space I will have some amazing views, although I will miss the sights, sounds and fresh air of planet earth.

“I hope students across the UK will join me in my training and share what they see as they work out back on earth.”

Tim Peake
Tim Peake waves goodbye before jetting off to space

By Teresa McMahon

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