They were one of the most wanted gifts this Christmas.

And there’s no denying their popularity.

Half Segway, half scooter, half moped. Whatever you want to call them, hoverboards are the new (dangerous) crazy that has swept the world from their heels to wheels and made every sci-fi fans dream a reality.

Eat your heart out Marty McFly.

But as with any must wanted Christmas gift, there always seems to be a fall. And this one isn’t just flying from the shelves… it’s something far more sinister. It seems to be a Christmas curse.

First in the mid-noughties Bayblade spinning tops (remember those?) caused more tears and tantrums than laughs. They were quickly followed by the infamous Yu Gi Oh cards that resulted in fights in the playground and angry parents claiming their children had become engrossed in a violent and vulgar card came.

And it would appear that times have not changed. Fast-forward to 2015, the year that Marty McFly was transported to the in the cult blockbuster Back to the Future, and at least one of the predictions from the franchise has come true (kind of).

After first appearing on the Chinese market during the mid-2015, the hoverboard sensation quickly swept its way across the world. From Brookyn Beckham to Justin Bieber, everyone wants to hitch a ride on what was once dubbed one of the coolest and freshest gadgets to arrive in the palms of the public this century.

But it only took a matter of time before times seemed too good to be true… because they were. First came the law in the autumn of 2015 and the near thought of going out in public resulted in fear of arrest from the cops.

But on a more serious note, the new sensation has resulted in life changing injuries and trauma for parents.

It wasn’t long before the internet took over and united to inform brothers and sisters that hoverboards are in fact an accident waiting to happen. Search YouTube and instead of the webpages full of online tutorials of how to ride, you are faced with the reasons why NOT to ride.

From terrified riders to parents claiming their kids hoverboard has exploded into an inferno after a matter of days. Melting batteries and cumbersome manufacturing techniques are to blame.

And the numbers speak from themselves.

And in December 2015, just before the peak Christmas period, retail giant Amazon pulled the plug on the Hoverboard craze… and is urging all customers to give them back and request a refund.

But is hoverbaording at the end of the road?

“More people die from laptops catching fire” one owner tells me, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Make of it what you want.

By Adam Bysouth

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