FLOODING forced the club to be closed until further notice after the storm on December 5.

Over £3000 of the £3500 target has already been raised to save the Halton Railways Station, which is home to the club.

Insurance claims will also be put in place once an inspection of the building has taken place.

While the full extent of the damage to equipment is still unclear, members of the club had a look for themselves during the flood.

Photo by Rob Forster
Photo by Rob Forster

The club captain Rob Forster was a witness to the events that also resulted in the closure of the University until the New Year.

The 22-year-old said: “An emergency group of members got down to the club as soon as they could to try and prevent damage to our more expensive items of equipment. When I got down, two of our boats had already been badly damaged and will most likely be write offs with the insurance company.

“When we left, the water level had got waist deep.”

Although it is hoped funds raised will help to get the club back on track, Rob, who is in his third year at the University fears that the flood will have a large impact on those younger than him.

He said: “Our first year rowers haven’t been able to get out on the water much this term due to the typically miserable North West winter – some have only been in a boat once!

“As a result, I could see our novice squad numbers really take a hit, which isn’t good news for the future of rowing at Lancaster.”


Declan Gilmore, from Bury, is also a member of the club who had to return home because of the damage caused to the University and the Lancaster region.

The 20-year-old said: “Many fundraisers have been carried out over the last few years at the club to maintain and improve the equipment, so it is disheartening to see it all go to waste.

“Fortunately we have had many club members willing to help out where possible, and support from the University, so we are hoping that the long term effects to the club and future rowers is minimised.”

You can donate to the club at https://www.gofundme.com/8hdr4rmk

By Shaun Gray


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