Since the attacks on France last month Britain has been on high alert for terror attacks and security has highly increased in city centres.

Extra police can been seen walking the streets near Manchester’s shopping centres and the Christmas markets. This year the markets have already been evacuated after a bag was found in the markets.

Quays went on to the streets to ask shoppers whether the threat of a terrorist attack plays on their mind why they are out and whether it has caused them to be more hesitant about going shopping this year.

Vicky, 38, mother of two told us:

“This year I did think twice about bringing our children shopping. Normally we all come to the Christmas markets as a family around this time, however this year I’ve just come on my own to do some last minute shopping.

So with shoppers feeling the threat has this affected the markets?

Christmas Markets

One market owner told us:

“The markets have defiantly been quieter this year. I don’t know if it’s because people don’t have the money this year or if it is because people feel on edge.”

The Manchester markets have been named the best in the UK, so could this be making people feel like it’s more of a target than the others.

Even after being there for an hour it’s easy to tell the atmosphere is slightly different this year. Not just in the Christmas markets but around the Arndale and in the shops.

Maybe after Christmas shoppers will feel like the threat has dropped but for now some shoppers seem to be avoiding putting themselves in vulnerable positions.

Manchester town hall and Xmas markets

However one shopper Ian, 25 from Salford added:

“I don’t even think about it when I come shopping. The markets are part of Christmas in Manchester and I didn’t even think about ISIS when I came shopping today”.

The Christmas markets will be in Manchester until next Monday.

By Charlotte Vernon

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