FORMER Haçienda resident, Dave Haslam has sold his entire record collection to American DJ Seth Troxler.

The library of nearly 4,500 records from the golden age of dance music has gone to a rather fitting home considering both Seth and Dave’s standing in the industry.

Seth will now be able to rummage through Dave’s 12” slices of club culture history, including all of the records played on the 400 occasions he played at the Haçienda in the 80’s.


Dave said: “I didn’t keep any for myself. I decided that it was more honourable to Seth not to pick out a few gems and send him the rest. He got some amazing records, rare stuff too.”

The history behind the collection encouraged Seth to purchase them, he said:  “As a 30-year-old there is only so much you can read about or hear through friends to imagine what it was like during the heyday of acid house and the Haçienda.”

as a music fan and collector the opportunity to acquire dave haslam’s collection of 4,500 records was something that instantly sparked my interest. as a 30 year old there is only so much you can read about or hear through friends to imagine what it was like during the heyday of acid house and the haçienda. i think my great joy will be finding new music, hearing things i never knew existed from people forgotten through time. i think it’s very important not only to preserve the music but to preserve this collection intact for future generations to enjoy. one factor behind my acquirement of this amazing collection was the transfer of one working dj to another; and the fact that i will be presenting to people around the world as they were intended to be heard.

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Selling his whole collection was not an easy decision for Dave although he said he would rather that than have it chopped into bits and scattered around.

When Seth contacted Dave, he knew that he was the perfect candidate to look after his babies.

Dave said: “When Seth’s email appeared in my inbox I of course knew who he was, I met up with him in Amsterdam and we had a conversation and a party.”

The price tag on the collection has been kept between the pair, however Dave said: “It is worth roughly the same as a year’s rental on a one bedroom flat in a nice area of Paris.”

Dave will be watching Seth play at The Warehouse Project at the end of the month where Seth has promised to play some tracks from the collection.

As most DJ’s have made the switch to digital, hoarding boxes of vinyl is no longer necessary.  Another familiar name on the ‘Madchester’ scene Buckley Boland is following fleet by selling his 8000 piece collection on Facebook

By Morgan Jay


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