BETWEEN 2014 and 2015 there was one dog put down every two hours.

The recent stray dogs survey by Dogs Trust revealed that while the numbers of abandoned dogs were going down, there was still a long way to go.

345 authorities responded to the survey, to give an estimated figures surrounding a problem of dogs being left by their owners.

There was a decrease by eight percent of stray dogs being reported in the United Kingdom. However, that still equates to 280 stray dogs being found across the country daily.

The problem is also more evident after Christmas when people, who rehomed a four-legged friend, realise how much hard work it is to be a good dog owner.

In Granada TV region, there were 15,124 stray dogs reported to local authorities.

Dogs Trust in Manchester took 44 calls from owners who wanted to give up their dogs last year. Anna Baatz, an education and community officer from Manchester’s Dogs Trust facility think that people need to be careful when deciding to get a dog.

She also noted that the issue of stray dogs can be overcome by making people realise “the responsibility involved in being a good dog owner” and that getting a dog is “entering into a lifelong commitment.”

Only half of the dogs manage to get back to their owners, with 4,880 stray dogs reported as having been put to sleep by authorities taking part in the survey.

The problem of abandon dogs is slowly decreasing, but for organisations like Dogs Trust, there is never a break.

As Christmas is approaching, let’s remember the Dogs Trust’s famous motto: “Dog is for life, not just for Christmas.”

By Dawid Urbanski

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