KAYODE Modupe-Ojo has set his sights on educating others after being cleared of raping a woman.

Mr Modupe-Ojo, 30, was subject to a high profile court case last January after he was charged on three counts of rape and one of sexual assault.

The luxury entrepreneur, from Cheshire, was acquitted five months later.

He was remanded in police custody for two-and-a-half weeks whilst at the same time losing his businesses, reputation and self-confidence.

He is now in the process of suing the police and his accuser.

Since being acquitted he has decided to persevere and wants the world to hear his story so that cases like this do not occur again.

He has already began the process of aiding others: “I’ve already started helping others who are in a similar position but don’t have the support.  I didn’t have any support after my ordeal so I can relate to what they are going through right now,” he describes, “I’m always happy to share my privilege with these people, be it giving them access to my legal team. I don’t do anything overly special but I do the best I can.”

“For false accusations of any serious crime a lot of people may take their lives. There’s been many times where I’ve lost hope during the process of my situation. I wouldn’t be in the position of trying to heal if I had the support. At some stages I actually became reclusive.”

“It’s not only important for me but for us as humans in general. When you’re in a very dark place alone a lot of messed up stuff goes through your head; suicide, substance abuse, etc. I can’t try and use words to quantify it unless you are really in that person’s head.

“It’s the paranoia that eats away at you. You’re constantly analysing everything that moves around you; in my case, every female I encounter. You start questioning loyalty and intent.”

Mr Modupe-Ojo claims he had poor backing from the police having been wrongly imprisoned despite the evidence his legal team provided to prove his innocence.

Kayode 2He insists CCTV footage, Facebook and text messages from when he and the woman first met should have been enough to ascertain his innocence. He says the police simply ignored this.

But the lack of support contributed to the handling of his situation: “There is simply no help out there. I am making my resources available to not only the falsely accused men but also to the real victims of rape. That is what is lacking – the real support, it simply doesn’t exist.

“I am here to fill that void. I am here to help people who feel they have no hope.”

When reliving his situation he asserted: “Everything that happened with my false accuser was fully consensual. I’m trying not to use the advantage of hindsight when saying this but I thought, up until the time of my arrest, that everything was fine,” he explained, “Her lies came out during the trial. I cannot describe the emotional trauma that I went through. I was fully acquitted and the system literally opened the door and said: ‘thanks for coming’, it’s unbelievable.”

Alongside the emotional trauma that Mr Modupe-Ojo went through he had to also deal with damage of his rising stature in the world of business: “I had to liquidise my assets. I spent six-figures on building one of my businesses and ended up selling it for a low priced figure sum because I had lost everything.”

Despite everything that he has been through, he’s finally starting to pull his life back together: “I’m in a very unique phase of my life but I’m starting to enjoy it again.

“And do you know what, I’m still alive. I’ve still got both my arms and both my legs and most importantly, my brain. I think I’ve become an exceptional character following this ordeal. But trust me, this will be the biggest comeback known to man, that I can assure you.”

By Ben Hobson and Zeta Stephenson
@hobson261 I @zetastephenson

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