MANCHESTER’S newly refurbished Manchester Piccadilly Gardens’ branch of McDonald’s has undergone a huge technological revamp.

Customers are now able to order their food in minutes through a touchscreen self-service system.

This is the first restaurant to have implemented the new system throughout the city.

Roger Khoryati, McDonald’s franchisee, who runs nine restaurants in Manchester said: “We are living in a digital age and want to create an experience of the future.”

The eatery has also added entertainment value with tablets that diners can use to surf the Internet, and play games whilst they enjoy their meal.

“Everybody nowadays is on Facebook and Twitter, and our ambition is to be more customer focused. The customers asked and we responded.”

The branch has created 175 jobs thanks to one of the most expensive investments that McDonald’s has made in the UK.

He said: “We are happy to be able to employ more staff.  We’ve worked hard to organise specific training for them because it’s a completely different experience.

“We have already made a decision of the direction we’re going in as a brand, we started here because it was a new site. We plan to convert the St Anne’s Square branch next.”

Mr Khoryati said that the face of McDonald’s is continuing to change due to overhauls such as this one, because the restaurant is offering something that none of their competitors are.

Teresa Latham, Assistant Manager who has worked at the company for 23 years said that the new technology enables a faster, friendly service.

She said: “There’s now more of a connection between the staff and customers, we’ve had lots of feedback and they are all liking the new experience.”

McDonald’s has digitally converted 300 restaurants so far, with a further three conversions in the Manchester area in the coming year.

By Eleni Wrigglesworth

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